Right in the testicules

In an otherwise long and fairly uninteresting story about blogs, Fortune magazine writes:

Tig Tillinghast, who runs the respected advertising industry blog Marketingvox.com, calls Mazda’s blogging clumsiness “the moral equivalent of doing an English-language print ad that was written by a native French speaker.”

Tig Tillinghast? Any relation to Art Cordelay?


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Isn’t that Art Vandelay?


It ends up being Vandelay, but as Jerry and George discuss the new name, George first says Cordelay.


Well, live and learn! Bought the DVDs, didja? Either that or you’re a rabid fan. 😀


Brother-in-law to Dr. Nostern from the clinic…


I thought it was “CorVELay”.


No lie: I went to college with a guy named Tiggy Tillinghast. I guess it’s one of the telling signs of preppy maturity when you make the epochal shift from “Tiggy” to “Tig.”


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