What are our other options?

Thomas Friedman writes:

Count me a “Blair Democrat.”

Would you settle for “annoying asshat” instead?


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This is a war between some people in the heart of the Arab-Muslim world who – for the first time ever in their region – are trying to organize an election to choose their own leaders and write their own constitution versus all the forces arrayed against them.

Well, this is a molecularly reconstituted meme. No WMDs, no terror links, no all-that-other-stuff Powell power-pointed to at the UN. Just remember who the “who” really are and that there’s an invisible guiding hand behind all the organizing, choosing, and constitution writing.

Other than that, this is a hilarious announcement: Friedman the groupie has switched buses and is now servicing Blair’s band.


All the rewording notwithstanding, it proves this guy really IS an asshat.


Friedmans’ shown his membership in the CCCP, the “Compliant Corporate Clueless Persons” Association.


Blair Democtrat: it suggest a choir boy look of sincerity and impeccable eloquence in the service of breathtaking lies. Indeed, Friedman could pass, perhaps he should shave his mustache (it gives him a look of Madellin Cartel operative) and work on his methaphores. Moreover Blair, unlike Friedman, sounds like a sane person (however misleading this may be).

A related question: is Friedman made wise by his overwhelming power?


Friedman looks suspiciously brown to me.


how come you never see friendman and gary dell’abate (aka baba booey, howard stern’s buffoon) in the same room together?

for the same reason that, in the 1930s, you never saw amelia earhardt (if misspelled, my apologies) and charles lindburgh in the same room?

just throwing it out for discussion


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