Do the terrorists know we’re winning?

If not, could someone please tell them?

Car Bomb Wounds 41 U.S. Troops in Iraq
TALAFAR, Iraq (AP) — A suicide bomber blew up a car packed with explosives at the gates of a military barracks early Tuesday, wounding 41 American troops just hours after three soldiers died in a road accident in central Iraq, the military said. …
In Baghdad, a rocket attack on a mosque left three Iraqi civilians dead.

An Afghan engineer working with an Afghan nongovernmental organization was killed and another injured in an ambush in Ghazni Province in southeastern Afghanistan on Monday, Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported. link

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization took over command of the 5,300-strong ISAF from Germany in August this year.
In October the United Nations and NATO agreed to expand ISAF?s area of control beyond Kabul to help clamp down on a recent rise in violence blamed on a resurgent Taliban. But so far the only concrete action has been helping German troops to set up a civil-military operation in the peaceful northern town of Kunduz. link

KABUL (AP) – The U.S. military launched its largest postwar offensive against Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents Monday, sending 2,000 soldiers into a lawless swath of Afghanistan to put down a wave of attacks that has undermined U.S. claims of building stability in the country. link


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I’m just so thankful that we’re fighting them (and winning!) over there and not back in the Homeland!


The resistance must really be getting desperate. Clearly our Literally Untouchable Leader has ’em right where he wants ’em.


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