Can’t we do with fewer checks and balances?

The Editors are busy with other things, and so we jump on Kaye Grogan while we have the chance:

Something is going to have to curb the “madness” of voter fraud and sore-losers trying to steal elections. Until this happens, election robbers will continue to capitalize on being adept at rigging elections in their favor.

Because if we noticed anything in the elections held since 2000, it’s that Democrats are very adept at stealing and rigging elections, which has allowed the Republicans to gain control of only the White House, Congress, most State legislatures and governors’ mansions, (and the Supreme Court,) leaving only the Municipal Council of Washington, DC under Democratic control. And then, only because they cheated.

I remember awhile back helping a friend to catch a thief. The friend worked in a golf store. At the end of the day, he was always coming up short of a substantial amount of money. He replaced the stolen money out of his own pocket to avoid his nightly inventory from coming up short. He commented about a friend of his visiting almost every night just before closing time, and the friend would stay in the store while he was moving golf carts, and doing things outside the store. [Like what?!? –S,N!] I told him to mark the top bills inside the cash register just before time for his friend to arrive, and then ask his friend if he had change for a twenty after he completed his usual chores outside. The thief was caught red-handed when the marked money was exchanged for the twenty dollar bill. The moral of the story?

Your friend is retarded?

There are ways to catch thieves, including those who try to steal elections.

Well, we were pretty close.

The same tactic used claiming “unfairness” toward the Democratic voters is getting old and questionable.

Yes, if only those Democrats stopped whining and complaining about everything, things would be so much better.

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    Where were we?

    Dealing with absentee ballots is another headache, and in some cases invites voter fraud. Maybe sending law enforcement officers to retrieve these votes would be better than mailing them.

    Let no logic or unsolvable logistical difficulties stand in the way of your dream.

    Bonus points: Kaye begins by complaining about too many opportunities for legal recourse in the case of contested elections, yet offers no solutions that address this problem.

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    If those fucking Democrats keep stealing elections the way they have been, before you know it the Republicans will have 80 Senators and 350 members of the House.


    Pffft! I scoff at Kaye Grogan!

    If you want some REAL Renew America wingnuts to take on, I suggest Carey Roberts (favorite of World O’ Crap) or my personal favorite, Barbara Stock, who who thinks we should nuke Iran because of the fictional rantings of a hallucinating French girl in the 19th Century.


    Ha, ha! (sounding like Nelson from the Simpsons)
    It’s good to fight and win. Christine Gregiore will be the next governor of Washington state. A Democrat! HA!
    How sweet it is to have a governor with the stones (ovaries) to battle the bastards. Victory was by 130 votes.


    we jump on Kaye Grogan while we have the chance

    I’m pretty sure you’re the only one, then.


    we jump on Kaye Grogan while we have the chance.

    We could no more own Kaye Grogan than we could the sky or the air we all breathe. Jump in any time. Kaye belongs to everyone.

    And Merry Christmas.


    Is she saying that Liberals are rigging elections for conservitards? And is she suggesting that the cops come and collect my absentee ballot? Is she nuts? Sadly, yes. Do I have the stomach to jump on Kaye Grogan? Happily, No.


    “Your friend is retarded?”

    Try a little closer to the by-line. Kaye Grogan has the rhetorical skills of a sixth-grader, but her logic is nowhere near as advanced. It’s cool that she has made what amounts to a career in spite of it. God bless the right for hiring the handicapped.


    The 735 ballots in Washington state’s King County weren’t newly discovered or suspicious.

    The election officials set them aside because the signatures-on-file weren’t in the computer. But the signatures-on-file were on paper. The absentee ballots wouldn’t have been mailed in the first place without a signature-on-file.

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