Too bad the government doesn’t subsidize reading

JB “Captain Cell Phone” Williams is back, and he’s really pissed off now:

But most are not aware that every taxpayer in America is subsidizing the practice. That?s right; atop the list of legitimate Medical Expense Deductions in the IRS Code is Abortion, which means every US taxpayer is picking up the tab.

JB’s link, for some reason, and here we don’t mean to suggest that JB was doing research into the procedure because of his personal interests or anything like that, no of course not, is to this:

Washington, DC, — Traditional Values Coalition Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon has just sent a letter of concern to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson over the IRS decision to permit tax deductions for so-called “sex change” operations.

So-called? You try one and get back to us, JB! By the way, why does abortion feature “at the top” of the IRS list? [Double check link to make sure we’re not linking to Ann Coulter porn by “accident.”]

The items are listed in alphabetical order.

Damn liberals, they thought of everything! Next thing you know they’ll be petitioning to have abortion’s name changed to AAAAbortion. Where will it end? Will conservatives counter with AAAAAsshole transplant?

What some argue is a physical birth defect; others argue is simply a mental malfunction. Either way, “we the self-governed,” have a Right to decide if our tax dollars will be used to pay for things such as abortion or sex change operations.

JB, you might want to stay away from the topic of mental malfunction. Even if you don’t, you might want to consider the difference between tax dollars being used for something (say paying for public schools,) and allowing people to deduct certain expenses from their taxable income. If only JB could see the irony in having a conservative calling for people to pay higher taxes. Does he? We bet the answer is… Sadly, No!

We also can?t afford to worry about what names we will be called as a result of our efforts! We are “conservatives”, and in most cases “Christians”. There?s not much worse one can be called these days anyway?other than maybe “rich” too, a lethal combination that makes you everyone?s target!

“Conservatives,” “Christians” of the world… unite.

Meanwhile, we’ll be setting our ridiculing phasers on… stunned.


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Meanwhile, we’ll be setting our ridiculing phasers on… stunned.

Sadly, No!


IIRC, we U.S. taxpayers don’t get to deduct medical expenses except to the extent that they exceed 8.5% of adjusted gross income. So I doubt that many women manage to deduct their abortions. And many lower-income people, who would have a better chance than the rest of us of getting over the 8.5% threshold, don’t pay income taxes, just payroll taxes, and thus have no opportunity to take the deduction.


Yeah, but none of that makes good strawman material.


OK that’s it… Positively no more tax deductions for circumcisions.


[Double check link to make sure we’re not linking to Ann Coulter porn by “accident.”]

What, is that some kind of internet Russian Roulette? You click the link, and then tell me when I can open my eyes…


I’m a little off (but you knew that). Actually, one can deduct medical and dental expenses to the extent that they exceed 7.5%.


I should’ve added “of one’s adjusted gross income” at the end of the last sentence.


I’d love to know how many woman even try. Or even try to get their insurance companies to pay for abortion, considering the social stigma. The fewer people know, the better, I thought.


I’ll gladly pay higher taxes if we can get JB aborted.


It must be so comforting for the wingnuts to use arguments in the theoretical context. Tangible points are SO annoying.


which means every US taxpayer is picking up the tab.

Yes, well, every US taxpayer is also picking up the tab for an illegal and immoral war. Perhaps Williams could cry me a river and then fucking drown himself in it.


Well, it sort of evens out. Abortion expenses are deductible, as are fertility enhancement treatments, Viagra, and penile implants. (I want to make a terrible plug-and-play joke here but I’m restraining myself.) Who knew that the US tax codes could be so much fun. And what’s with the Christian Science practitioner deduction? Can I deduct my shaman expenses?


Just for spite, I’m going to get an abortion AND a sex change operation. Take that, Red America!


Finally the truth comes out.
He’s right of course. We white, rich Christians are being persecuted at every turn. Well, I’m not really “rich” in like the Bill Gate version of the term but I usually make more than the minimum wage (if my tips are good down to the Pizza Hut) so I’m really sittin’ pretty if you ask me – which means I can sympathize with the problems of the REALLY rich folks. And I’m not “white” either (I’m 83% Native American) but I LOOK white so I know the ridiculous supposed discrimination non-white folks that look non-white say they suffer from is surely nothing more than liberal whining. I am 100% Christian though – I’ve been a Mormon my entire life. Oh, I know some Mormons were persecuted by more mainstream Christian sects and we’re still considered a cult by many but we’re much more accepted than before. In fact I call myself a Christian all the time and unless I say “Mormon” most people don’t even give me a hard time about it.

Anyway, as I said we rich, white Christians are sick and damn tired of constantly having to endure Ramadan holiday parades down Main Street and Kwanzaa gift exchanges at the office (I don’t have an “office” per se as a delivery driver but if I did I’d be pissed at having to buy a Kwanzaa gift for anyone). And check this out. My neighbor put up only blue Christmas lights this year and I asked him “hey, what’s the deal?” and he said he was Jewish and the blue lights were for Hanukkah. Jesus Christ, the guy was celebrating Hanukkah on Christmas!! Having to look at those bright blue bulbs almost completely drained the Christmas spirit out of me. Fortunately the local Ford dealer was having a 0% financing ?holiday? sale and the lot was all lit up with trees and a giant Santa with inflatable reindeer and Christmas savings signs so I was again able to appreciate the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

So there you go. And to show there are no hard feelings I’ll leave off here by wishing all you leftie Stalinist limousine liberals a Happy “Holidays”.


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