This time, there are two!

If you loved Kyle Williams, you are going to adore Rudy Takala, the newest* and the hottest home schooled conservative writer on the internet!

On Thanksgiving, for instance, my uncle stated that he had “no idea” whether or not we lived in a constitutional republic; and of course he didn’t know who Senate minority leader Harry Reid was.

So it turns out that Uncle Leo is a real person after all! Hello!

Not many things have changed in recent human history, aside from the style of governance in various nations.

Spoken like a true 15-year old, what can we say?

…they [socialists] make no distinction between democracy and monarchy, claiming that inequality is the only despotism and as such will always result in violent upheaval.

Where do these home schooled kids keep running into socialists who write or say anything like this? It’s as though we only examined the craziest conservative writers on the web to criticize an entire political ideology! Oh, right.

* Newest only means that we’d never heard of him. Also he may well be 16 now. And no longer home schooled. Otherwise, our post is right on the money.


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Ok, I admit it. I was the socialist who told Rudy that socialists make no distinction between monarchy and communism. He conveniently also forgot that I told him we made no distinction between Bonnie Franklin and Nancy Dusseault either, since we suspected they were part of some elaborate, capitalist, psy-ops campaign to make society dumber. I regularly troll the backwoods of Minnesconsin (or whatever hell state Rudy lives in), seeking out home-schooled 15 year-olds to taunt and misinform. In my defense, I am a hopeless alcoholic.


Hey! I live in Wisconsin, and we are not nearly as dumb as people in Minnesota!


Why is it that I get the feeling this is the Right’s answer to Obama?


Whoa there about Kyle Williams, have you checked him out lately? Seems he’s had a bit of an epiphany about what?s what. He’s… different.


Okay, Salvage, I clicked over to Kyle’s website only to recoil in horrified dread from this entry:

I had dreams about this…

but never thought it would happen in my lifetime. Woohoo!

The “woo-hoo” is a link but I’m not going anywhere near it. So tell us what’s up with Kyle these days.

And what’s the deal with Rudy’s picture? Witness protection? Religious ban against graven (or digital) images? Reading this makes me grateful that all the puffed-up rubbish I wrote at age 15 is in a box somewhere in my parents’ attic, not archived on the internets as an embarrassment in later life.


Well it’s hard to explain, he’s still religious and conservative but he’s had some revelations, he’s suddenly aware that Iraq may not have been something Jesus would have done for instance.

He’s also questioning the way the right wing uses religion.

He’s annoyed a lot of his wingnut readers with his last few columns.


Kyle’s recent column (and the responses he’s gotten) are very interesting indeed. Wiser and more nuanced than I would have expected.


Not much has changed recently in human history? Young-uns born after the AIDs epidemic have no idea. The invitation for casual sex has gone from “Your place or mine?” to “Phone or chat room?”


Teenagers really have a nose for hypocrisy.


Seb, I clicked over to that little republican rascals site and immediately noticed two things, a 101st Keyboarders blogad for “” with the motto “Bring it On” coined by someone, I don’t remember who. Which makes me wonder when young Rudy will be pestering Mom and Dad to sign those enlistment papers so he can “Bring it On” too.

And do you know how to get ahold of the copyright holder for the artwork for Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America” cover? I’m sure they’d be interested to know, if they don’t already, that the National Radio Network is using their artwork.

I wonder how Rudy’ll do in Boot Camp?


“Furthermore, almost all of the European revolts were the result of monarchical states overtaxing the peasantry”

Bloody peasants!


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