Overmedication in action

FatherClusterFuck.jpgIt’s really, really hard to know where to start with this one. It’s a fantastic tale of Satan worship, exorcism, Jen Shroder and murder. First, let us go to the expert:

The Church went from one excess to another. Yesterday, it was the obsessive witches? hunt that instead of exorcizing them, burned them; today, she has abandoned everything: devils and exorcists.

What else floats in water, Father?

Question ? Besides the Pope, what is the state of belief in the Devil in the Church?

Answer ? Too low. The Devil is very pleased with that, since this gives him free reign to do his work.

Trying to defeat Ace & Gary, running First Citiwide Change Bank, and being the go to hair and makeup guy for some of the internet’s hottest writers. Now let’s bring in more experts! No experts? Well then, let’s go to Daniel Ryder!

And, for instance, the FBI has come out debunking the phenomenon, saying, unequivocally, there is no tangible evidence organized Satanic ritual abuse exists at all.


However, my research shows it does exist.

Poke you in the eye, FBI! What was your research methodology, Daniel?

For the last four years, I have crises-crossed

It don’t get no better than crises-crossing the country, believe you us. Some of his research led Daniel to uncover this shocking tale. It was reported by UPI:

The alleged leader of a devil worship cult was found guilty of first degree murder Friday in the ritual killing of a young Fall River, Mass. prostitute last year. Carl Drew, 26, stood pale and expressionless as the verdict was announced. He was immediately sentenced to life imprisonment by superior court judge Francis W. Keating…Miss Marsden was allegedly killed, mutilated and beheaded by Drew and two others in a blood-soaked night time ritual in a wooded area because she wanted to leave the cult.

Miss Marsden? This one? Sadly, No! If Miss Marsden ever does find out about us, let the sexual harassment begin. Then again, for Rachel Marsden, being called a prostitute is pretty flattering if you ask us. Yet we should not make jokes about Carl Drew, because he was obviously all business:

Declaring himself to be Satan, Drew would reportedly chant and pray in “a different language,”

Do we need to tell you what that language was? Now it’s time to bring Jen Shroder:

According to 2003 government statistics, in California alone, 10,684 adults have gone missing, never recovered.

Never? Can Jen see into the future? The future, Sadly? Yes, the future.

The End.


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“Daniel Ryder, CCDC, LSW”

What the hell does CCDC stand for anyway?

Cro-magnan Cranium Deficiency Syndrome? (When you have the tiny brain of a caveman.)


Wait a minute, immediately sentenced after a verdict? Maybe I watch too much L&O, but don’t they wait for the sentencing phase (like that lingo, huh?) until a later date?

Of course, this was the only shaky and infirm bit of material quoted…


It also forbids us to make an exorcism if we don?t have a prior certainty that there is a diabolic action, but we only can acquire this certainty by carrying out an exorcism.

What also floats in water?
Uh, very small rocks!
Uh, gra– gravy!
Uh, churches! Churches!
Lead! Lead!
A duck!
Exactly. So, logically…
If… she… weighs… the same as a duck,… she’s made of wood.


And therefore…?


God. I had a copy of that bit posted on my office door for ages, b/c it is exactly (and I mean exactly) like freshmen these days…but freshmen never get it & it got too depressing & so I finally took it down.


” Volpe shot Mariangella in the mouth with a gun. He called Nicola Sapone (25), another rock band performer, to the scene. The three of them transported the corpse to the nearby mountains, massacred the body with a spade, and then left her semi-buried in a thick grove.”

This sounds like a bad pastiche of Godfather II and Goodfellas. “I got a leg! Who wants a wing!”


It’s clear this Ryder guy is top notch in the investigative field, who else would have been able to guess the sinister nature of Joan Baez’s songs. I mean come on
Buff Crip: You stupid mofos are dead!

Blood 3: Make the first shot, punk!

Jimmy: Hold it! Don’t you see? It doesn’t matter if we were crippled from birth, or crippled in an accident. We’re all brothers.

Blood 4: Save it, fool! Crips ain’t our brothers! [atmosphere grows tense]

Jimmy: Look: we have the whole rec room to ourselves. Can’t we all just try having some fun together?

8 Crip: You talkin’ crazy, dawg.

Blood 5: Yeah, we ain’t playin’, sucka!

Jimmy: Why don’t we at least give it a chance? I mean, come on! [several tense seconds pass]

Buff Crip: Wait a minute. What did you say?

Jimmy: I said, “I mean, [enunciates] Come on!”

Blood 4: You know, maybe he’s right. I mean…come on!

Jimmy: Come on.

Buff Crip: I guess we could at least give havin’ fun together a try. It’s like…come on.

Blood 6: Yeah. Come on.

Crip 2: Yeah, that’s right. Come on.

Jimmy: Come on.

Someone: Come on.

All: [in agreement] Yeah, that’s right. Come on.


Fr Amorth (which has to be an anagram in some language) says that people who don’t celebrate Satan are more dangerous than people who do:

“There are two types: those who adore the Devil, celebrate Satanic masses, have their own priests and hierarchy; and those who don’t believe in Satan, but engage in actions that are either iniquitous or against nature. The latter is more dangerous.”

Ah, yes, the devil is in the details.

Just curious: Do Satanic cults tithe? Are such contributions tax-deductible?


I’m a social worker (LSW)…CCDC is the license for substance abuse counselors, I think…and lots of those speak from experience! =)


Um, “free reign”?


How does anyone know what to write about Carl Drew, were you there?


Did any of you take the time to really investigate Carl Drew’s trial or anything that happened because if you did you would know he’s innocent


A man has spent half of his life imprisoned for something he had nothing to do with, doesn’t that mean anything to anyone? Robin Murphy 26 years later at Carl Drew’s Evidentiary Hearing finally admitted the truth which is that Carl Drew was not present at Karen Marsden’s murder yet Judge Connolly didn’t see that as enough of a reason to release a man who after the girl who did it (Robin Murphy) was on the stand freely walking in because she is out on parole while the killer walks free. Doesn’t this worry anyone that this is the kind of justice system we live in?


The killer who is walking free is Robin Murphy while all these years later Carl still sits in jail awaiting the decision from the SJC I myself will be praying for his release so he can at least experience what is left of his life in the free world. I love you Carl


What proof is there actually that robin murphy had anything to do with karen’s murder? she has been in mourning for over 25 years for karen”s death. The court has spoken and dont you think they would have kept her in prison if she were truly guilty? Pray for her.


Do I think Robin would have been set free if she were innocent…anything is a possibility,she say on the stand at Carl Drew’s Evidentiary Hearing and admitted to lying all those years ago as did Carol Fletcher,Carol claims to have done it out of fear of Robin.Anyway Robin said Carl Drew was not there at Karen’s murder,the same was said by Carol and Sunny Sparda..yet Carl Drew still sits in prison for something he didn’t do. How would you like him to be your son, how would you feel then.Keep up the faith Carl. Til The End


To Sherese, What proof is there that Carl has committed this crime. I have all the information on the trials and the hearings. I also have copies of the confessions do
you? I think you should look into this case alot more before you make assumptions.Robin confessed,
did you know this, Carl wouldn’t take any plea bargain what so ever knowing it would get him out of prison just as it did Robin. He however would not plead guilty to such a horrendous crime because he is innocent.


Do you know carl drew?. I tend to think not. he is a visious person and i have personaly seen him kick down the door to Karens house to get her to go with him.
you really shouldnt stick up for people you know nothing about.. Robin is as bad as he is and they are both guilty as hell. both of them sooud rot in jain but Robin got away with it.
Some court system. Dont lie in court? lol. they make you lie to get a conviction. She has just as much to do with it but she got deal cut.
carl acts likee he is so innosent? ya right. ive seen his actions.. he is evil as robin is.


I personally know Robin and have always found her to be a bit rough around the edges, but not a murderer. I personally worked with her for some years and feel that your attempts at defacing her are weak and even more so, pathetic (Ie: “I love you Carl”). I think that we need to look at the legal court system as opposed to the individuals involved…they are the real criminals. Let us not judge or therefore be judged.


Thanks for debunking Daniel Ryder and his ridiculous rants. Since the satanic cult fad has gone away, Daniel reverted back to his true identity “Joe Schriner” and is now running for the presidency under the slogan “Average Joe for President”. He likes to reinvent himself every few years.

You can read more about Joe Schriner, Daniel Ryder at this link,


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