Let’s play 20 Questions!

Can you outwit a computer? We tried, using neoconservatives as our “thing” to guess. Sadly, the machine pretty much got it right:

I am guessing that it is a football team?
Yes , No , Close
18. Can it scratch? Yes.
17. Is it multicolored? Yes.
16. Is it worth a lot of money? Sometimes.
15. Is it tall? Sometimes.
14. Does it come in many varieties? Yes.
13. Do you hold it when you use it? No.
12. Does it use electricity? No.
11. Does it shine? No.
10. Is it shiny? Depends.
9. Is it made out of wood? No.
8. Can it make a sound? Yes.
7. Can it be played? Yes.
6. Is it human powered? Yes.
5. Would you use it in the dark? No.
4. Is it soft? No.
3. Can it fit in an envelope? No.
2. Is it hard? Irrelevant.
1. It is classified as Other.


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If only the computer had asked, “Is it bent on world domination through the use of highly questionable planning and willful ignorance of geopolitical realities?”

Of course, the computer may have concluded that you were thinking of General Motors…


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