Who are you people?

A visit to our secret logs this morning showed that since last night we had 940 visitors referred by National Review’s The Corner. We were a bit surprised because, to be perfectly honest, that is 940 more than what we usually get. And so off we went to the corner where we found this:

I have inspired a competition (search on “derb” ).

Derb linked to our Festivus pornographic stick figures caption contest! O-M-G! Derb, if you’re reading this, tears of joy gently rolled down our cheeks seeing our mostly anonymous efforts being singled out in this manner. It was almost enough to make us feel bad about that time we called you a talentless and lying hack back in August.

This, truly, is another festivus miracle!


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Derb is just so glad to get the recognition he deserves (after being passed over for memberhip in the “20 Most Annoying Convervatives” club that he probably forgot all about being a lying hack.


I just looked up ‘lying hack’ at Dictionary.com.

I got the definition, along with a JPEG of one guy with the caption J. Derbyshire.


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