Shorter David Ignatius

How Iran Is Winning Iraq

In which I conclude that the greatest problem with US foreign policy is reluctance to interfere in other countries’ domestic politics.

Shorter concept stolen from busy, busy, busy. Ignatius link stolen from uggabugga.

Added: Related complementary, yet contradictory, shorters from busy, busy, busy.


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Daniel Davies came up with the shorter concept.


Pretty fucking lame shit lately. Get off your lazy French Canadian German asses and make me laugh, goddamn it.


Our Iraq policy may be full of good intentions, but in terms of strategy, it is a riderless horse.

we went to Iraq with good intentions? I thought we went to find WMD? Lets count the ways of our good intentions – Abu Ghraib. Fallujeh. Arresting anything that looks like it could be an Iraqi male of any age and detaining them for “questioning”. Yah, I can see Goooood Intentions just overflowin all over the place.

Yo David – the road to hell is paved… with what David, with what? Flowers? Smiles? Good intentions? This was a riderless horse from the very unplanned pre-planning of it. What a hack!


Bush? No!
U.N. Yes

The coalition is and has been a farce. Its been a name to garner empathy for Bush/American propaganda. In November 2002 I wrote opposing an Iraq invasion suggesting that early there were no WMDs. You buffoons reign. Get out of Iraq and don’t even think of invading Iran. Warren Pugh


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