Yes, Life does imitate Art

We just got back and the love is in!

this [Atrios] is the lefty blog that linked to that ass who called me fucktard dumb

Ladies and gentlemen, l’ass c’est moi!

(The post that started it all.)

From a recent post (a new favorite🙂

The husband finished Atlas Shrugged the other day; I still have a couple hundred pages left. But what I’m noticing as I’m reading is a sad parallel between what’s happening in the book and what I’ve been reading on blogs lately.

From the endorsements of The Daily Show’s America: The Book:

This is similar to my works in that anyone who reads it is sure to be an asshole for at least a month afterward.


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Hi – I seem to be in the wrong place. I was looking for Sadly, Hong! and wound up here instead.


Lord, Sarah really is an idiot. You didn’t call her fucktard dumb, you called her “somewhere below clueless fucktard dumb.” It really sucks when you insult somebody and they can’t even get it right.

Miss the rack but glad you’re back.


What’s hilarious is how all of these advocates for Social Darwinism (but don’t describe it that way to them – Darwin is evil!) would completely dry up in a meritocracy. What marketable skills could this woman have? What would her military husband do if there wasn’t a government that wanted to pay for national defense?


My Aunt Minnie is a true patriot… she just loves to tell them to join the military or shut up.


Bosco, they would work 16 hour days doing manual agriculture until someone came along with sharp pointy sticks and stole it off them.



This is my favorite

“If you believe the war was wrong, shouldn’t you believe the people of Iraq were right and thus want to help them?”

Which says to me…

“If you don’t like Bush, shouldn’t you be giving money to Iraq?”

I think Bush’s unacountable tens of billions of taxpayer money is enough for me


Callo, callay! S/N! is back, sans Da Hongtard!!!

And here my day was limping long, yet now I can feel better that Sarah (whom I will gladly label as fucktard dumb) is not in my life. A meager reward, yes, but still something to feel good about.


For awhile there I thought you lost your blog on Herbertstrasse…



Ba-zing! But would the sticks even have to be pointy? Seems like a good swat might do the trick.


Glad to see you’re back! With you and The Dark Window down, I was begining to loose my faith. It’s a Christmas miracle!


Did you see the post where she talks about lefties using their filthy mouths to denigrate right wing bloggers.

She also has a Team America logo on her website.

Anybody see the problem?

Is “So lick my balls and suck on my ass/America, Fuck Yeah!” not dirty? How about the XXX puppet sex?

How about this one from Spottswoode: Gary is the kind of man that understands, when you put another man’s cock in your mouth, you make a pact.


Welcome back, Seb! (But the lack of rack is a drawback.)



Well I guess they wouldn’t have to be, but its my god given right as the motherfucker with the stick to sharpen that motherfucking stick if I want to.

See, it’s all about the rights of the individual. With the pointy fucking stick.

Whoa stick! Alright!

I wanna make it last forever!

I wanna make it last forever!

I wanna make it last forever!



Why am I not surprised to find that Miss I Can’t Grok Anyfuckingthing is reading Ayn Rand? And thinking it’s ever so deeep?


Because she’s a mongoose?


I posted this at her place yesterday; then it disappeared. I tired again this morning: we’ll see how long it lasts. But, in like ten seconds of googling, I found a liberal group supporting the very fund drive that she claims liberals do not support! Huh. Research is hard.


I checked it out and “fucktard dumb” is the understatement of the year.


I guess I won’t post again. I was blocked! Huh! So, point out thse’s wrong and get blocked. (I did not curse or call her clueless fucktard dumb or anything.)


“Atrios’ readers use their filthy mouths to…”
What a slam. Atrios’ readers don’t even know this fucktard exists, while the ‘Sadly, No!’ readers, who are sadly, in the know about grok, are apparently chopped liver.

Please keep us posted. I want to know what happens when she finally gets through Atlas Shrugged and has to deal with Ayn Rand’s atheistic, abortion-waving core ideals. And Rands obsession with (happily having) sex outside marriage and her scorn for military intervention in countries WHICH ARE NOT VITAL TO AMERICAN INTERESTS.

Wait, we already know what happens. That’s how to explain Amber Pawlik (cause I never believed the Happy Valley theory).


The more and more I read her site, the more and more sorry I am that I tried defending her. The uses the inane “moonbat” moniker (ignosce mihi, but I really don’t get how that’s descriptive or insulting), and she links to LGF.

Funny thing about Rand, like all libertarians, she’s a hypocrite. She had no problem with the anti-invidualistic Red Scare of the late 1940s and early 1950s, and she had problems when folks formed labor unions to further their own self-interest.


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