Sadly, No! is now rack free!

Sadly, Yes! (Or scroll down and read the comments to the previous post.)


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I think you may need to have “Dahonger Friday” to go with the various websites that do “catblogging” on that day in order to recall the unintentional comedy that was his photo gallery.


Smashingly good idea dstein.


Hah, Mister Seb. So you have extricated yourself from the Zone of Dahonger and returned to this earthly dimension to plague the mighty Wingnuts with your liberal barbs. But do not celebrate too soon, for your next challenge will be the Realm of Amber from which no girlie-man has escaped. Hah, hah, hah!

Welcome back.


So what happened? Was this some sort of Phillip K. Dick alternate universe, maybe precipitated by drug ingestion, where Seb found himself living the life of Dahonger? Has the RNC nearly perfected the means of seizing control and corrupting leftwing blogs? While Sadly, No! visitors were perusing Dahongers galleries were Dahongers family and friends reading old Sadly, No! posts and comments? Can we now see pictures of Seb and his wife, or S.Z. and Pete?


No forgetting that Dahonger is an anagram of “her gonad.”


When your site goes down, why do complete smegheads always squat in your URL?


Dr. BDH: It was more of a Pleasantville thing.


My SO: “I only saw on picture, but damn that chick was slutty!”


Hey, Dahonger’s site has been hijacked.


That DaHonger feller is really you in one of those other internets. Admit it. We know the truth.

Next time you feel the need for some more extended time off from us, your loyal but cranky readers, you don’t have to go to such drastic lengths as to sic your DaHonger fantasy upon us. Really! That was so ugly that I nearly took up drinking.

Dang, I am glad you are back in the correct timezone of this quadrant of the internets.


The worst part of Dahonger is, the email thingy doesn’t work, so I couldn’t even tell him what an ugly “girlfriend” he thinks he has is.


YOU’RE BACK! YOU’RE BACK! YIPEEEE! Y’know, a day without Sadly, No! is like a day without sunshine.


Welcome back, Seb. Y’know it’s funny – as much as we readers and you don’t like each other (per that one post of yours), I actually missed you. It sucked actually having to get my work done.


Thank heavens.

One more glimpse of that goofy website and I’d have had to declare, “goodbye cruel world!!”

Well, maybe not. Glad you’re back though.


By the Hairy Thunderer we were beginning to wonder if DaHongerism were the Next Big Thing. Perhaps the only person who will be sad now is Jonah Goldberg, who was getting free cleavage shots (and not having to tell mommydearest).

Glad you’re back.


It sucked actually having to get my work done.

Yosef: I’m sure that your supervisor, Mr. Darr, was happy to get an honest day’s work out of you.


Waiiiit a minute…What does SZ stand for then? Why not AJ?


“I’m sure that your supervisor, Mr. Darr, was happy to get an honest day’s work out of you.”

Yeah, well we’ll see how happy he is when I quit to join the staff of the largest circulation conservative paper in NC!


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