Annie used to work for Grayson Moorhead Securities

Annie “Scary Skies” Jacobsen:

If you’ve been following this series of articles, you might recall that in my last article, I wrote about the Captain of United flight 925 who discovered — once he was half-way across the Atlantic — that two passengers he was carrying were on the “no-fly” list. Many of you have written to wondering how, in the age of information, this could be possible? What exactly is the “no-fly” list anyway, some readers are asking? Who decides what names go on the list? Who checks the list to ensure potential terrorists are not boarding our planes? And most importantly, is the “no-fly” list working?

The “no-fly” list is one of our primary defenses against terrorist acts on airplanes. In the most basic terms, the “no-fly” list is simply a list of names — nothing more. The “no-fly” list … [Emphasis added.]

Meanwhile, at Grayson Moorhead Securities:

We will make a list of our clients and how much money each of them has given us to invest. We will keep this list in a safe place. If we have time we will make a copy of the list in case something happens to the first list. […] Don’t leave the client’s money lying around. Keep it in a safe place. For example: where we keep the list.

Bonus little known facts: In her free time, Annie Jacobsen writes the world famous World O’Crap blog, and is married to Pete M. of The Dark Window.


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All you frist are belong to us.


I like the phone company commercial better.

“She explained I had several options.”


[new] Save Pale Male!!! (none / 0)

Pale Male and his mate are hawks who have been nesting on a New York apartment for hears. They’ve sired 25″+ fledglings, and New Yorkers and visitors spend hours and many hard earned dollars on telescopes, chairs and time off of work watching the daily activities of their young. Jo-Ann Woodward has narrated a documentary about Pale Male, and schoolchildren use this bird as a reference for their research on birds.
Yesterday, the building where Pale Male resides decided to use the rainy day as coverage to take down his nest. They also took down the steel spikes which caused stabilization, and now when Pale Male and his mate attempt to rebuild, the twigs will not adhere.
This from
“I am forced to remove any phone numbers and contacts and all names of government departments from this site. I am constantly being urged to abide or else I’ll be sued and I was told I’m interferring with an investigation by allowing you supporters to voice your feelings. Please use your own judgement and call or write whomever you please.
Dial 311 (that’s a start)

Meanwhile all today Pale Male and Lola can be seen flying around in small circles and standing on their bare nest site with meagre twigs in their mouth ready to repair. However the very important spikes are missing and the twigs won’t hold. Who will tell these innocent animals what our fellow humans has done to them? Meanwhile limosines and towncars keep pulling up in front of 927 Fifth Avenue where the home owners go and sleep snuggly in their warm full floor dwellings.

Please show your support by gathering with fellow Pale Male lovers at the 74th Street & 5th Avenue.


What will they do in the case of the CEO’s wife calling while he’s in his office shagging his secretary?


Pete and S.Z. are married?

Sadly, Eeewwwwwww!


Pete and S.Z. are married? How does a mixed marriage work? She uses Salon and he uses blogger. What will we tell the children?


Damn it, I come to Sadly, No for pictures of Da Honger and his chesty girlfriend, not comments on lists. Bring back the rack!


In her free time, Annie Jacobsen writes the world famous World O’Crap blog, and is married to Pete M. of The Dark Window.

And here I thought that Pete M. was married to the WO’C proprietress only in his sexual fantasies! Go figure.


WoC wrote that “scary Muslim musicians on my airplane” crap? At last it makes sense; it reads so much better as satire.


What troubles me most about Pale Male and his various consorts being evicted is that no longer will pigeon and rat skeletons rain down on the upscale pedestrians below. Class and species warfare combined — a wonderful concept.


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