We’d guess the first will lead to a great need for the second

In the right corner, we have:

WASHINGTON – The government said Tuesday that flu vaccine manufactured in Germany was safe enough to be used in the United States and that as many as 4 million doses would be available to alleviate the U.S. shortage. […] The German-made vaccine, Fluarix, has not been licensed for use in the United States, so it will be available as an investigational new drug, meaning that it can be used but patients will have to sign a consent form acknowledging there could be risks. [Emphasis added.]

Could be risks. Well, at least they’ll be able to fix them:

Surgeons are perfecting a way to build up the size of very small penises, enabling proper urination, and a full sex life. It is estimated that about one in 200 men is born with what is known as a micro-penis. […]

In the past doctors have recommended gender reassignment, so the child was brought up as a girl, but this is a practice which has ceased in recent years. [Emphasis added.]

One mystery solved.


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Free at last!


Welcome back!

I still feel woozy from a very bad night of slighlessness, but does this mean I’d have to sign a waiver that taking a flu shot could turn me into another AnnTChrist?

In all reality, I can’t help but picture her as being fully anatomically correct.
Including man hands.


uh, make that sleeplessness…

Although a shortage of slighness would also, presumably, be bad.


To truly see the truth behind Ann, try going here: http://vegacura.blogspot.com/2004/12/yes-its-true.html


There’s a terrific book called “As Nature Made Him,” by John Colapinto about a boy whose circumcison was botched and who was subsequently raised as a girl on the advice of Dr. John Money of Johns Hopkins. It’s a fascinating and enraging book and highly recommended.

It’s especially poignant now that David (raised as Brenda) Reimer and his twin brother, Brian, each committed suicide in the past few years. After the book was published, and unrelated to it. (For obvious reasons, the family had a deep suspicion of psychologists and a history of major depression.)


Yes, “As Nature Made Him” is a great book with a horrible sequel.


Vegacura: Boy they are coy.


Wow!! I’ll bet that is what happened to mAnn coulter


This is off-topic, but I just noticed that Seb’s promise to feed the fish at The Dark Window is still the last post up there! (Cracks whip), Get over there, boy! You made a claim yer not honorin’!


Hey, French-Canadians/Qu?b?cois (..label me, please!) are usually not this boring. By the way, why do we all end up in Germany? My two years in D?sseldorf were spent auf der K? trying to seduce a Montrealer (by the way, Montrealers look cool, but are duds in the sack). Anyway, can someone do something about the “fierce American in Toronto”. Her name is Debbye (…get it? No?). She bugs me enormously, mostly because her site links to Mark Steyn and mAnn Coulter.



Okay, but what about Doug Giles?


Looked at that dDebbie yank, there is nothing really there to sink your teeth into. She’s just a republican. Not a lot to go on.


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