There’s a reason we don’t call our readers the best on the internet

And there are as many reasons for that as there are comments to our last (granted sporadic) posts. Oh, it all started in good fun no doubt. Yosef, you may remember him as the formerly hottest new conservative writer on the web, suggested that he was being more entertained by Talking Points Memo than he’d ever been by, well, us. What had until then been a single act of civil disobedience quickly degenerated into a no-holds-barred flame fest. Directed at us. The horror. Some tried to hang in there (Allah bless their souls.) UncleHornHead reported that in spite of our absence he had that same “burny feeling.” four legs good (wisely) turned to chocolate and wine. Clif begged for help in dealing with ClownHall. Rumor even has it that Miss Authoritiva went down to city hall (hers or ours?) to complain.

Looking back, it was fitting and inevitable really. A bunch of social misfits, who come here every day to mock the less talented, having been abandoned, they had little choice but seek release in any way they could manage. Frankly, we’d hope you’d turn on each other — allowing us to return to a whole new bunch of readers upon our return. Sadly, No! Yet we must face the truth. As Homer once remarked: “”Alright brain, you don’t like me and I don’t like you.” Dear readers: You don’t like us and we don’t like you. But let’s just get through this and then we can get back to killing you with asinine remarks, horrible puns, and mentions of (careful now!) Lucianne Goldberg’s vagina (aka Jonah.)

Truth is, moving to a new town (and starting a new job) is hard work. It’s hard. Sometimes, you have to work late. Sometimes even on the weekend. It’s hard work. H-A-R-D. Let us give you just one (true!) example of how confusing moving to a new town is: in Stuttgart, one of the most popular radio station is Hit Radio Antenne 1. In Hamburg, it’s called Hit Radio Antenne! There’s no 1 anymore!

If only for your sake (and really if not for yours for whose really?) we knew we had to come back. heydave probably summed it up better than any of us, even all of us, ever could:

I hazard a guess that neither of us will enjoy it, but go ahead anyway…

And that, dear friends, is why we snark.


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Well, I AM the best reader on the internet. This one at least, i don’t know how I rank on the other ones. And only of your site, not of others.


Maybe it was too soon after the election, and people’s psyches were tender. Suck it up, layabouts. I am glad you’re back.


Meh, I’ve had better.


Want some wood to go with your internets?


Hit Radio Antenne? What about N-Joy?!? Personally, I N-Joy Fritz over the internet (6 hours time difference makes it so much more N-joyable)


Why must one hit the antenna? I’m confused.

And quit complaining. I just moved to a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road and wear a lot of pastels. (Pink: the new Black)

They also, I’ve noticed, begin many sentences with “Sadly”, (as in Sadly, my recent suicide attempt failed. I must try again!) which only reminds me I need to visit Sadly, No more often.

And sadly, one rarely receives sun on this cursed island. Perhaps I should hit my antenna.


Yeeha! Now I don’t have to join, out of snark deprived disorientation, the Effort Snakehandling Church of Bethlehem.

I am so glad you are back, even though you don’t like us and are unappreciative of your loyal but raucus readers.

And yeah, work is hard. So quit whining and keep rowing. We all got it hard. But you have the right to the hit radio antennae when frustrated, even though it is not their number 1 antennae.


Feel the love?
I am feeling the love.


That’s why I love coming here to read your stuff. None of that mushy feel good crap like they have at LGF or Misha.

Hate on, hater nation!


I’m glad you’re back on line. I was going through LG vagina withdrawels. Actually, that is probably the best way to experience LG.

I visit everyday all day, I don’t have a life to speak of or not to speak of, I don’t know. Stop asking me questions! More snark, I thrive on snark…


Glad you’re back. Now you can keep watch over the crazies at ClownHall and renewAmerika and let me get back to the Republicanists in my own back yard. (Although I finally had to take a swat at Judson Cox today since, without S.N., the wingnuts were starting to get a little cocky).


If I rebookmark, I’m going to put you in my cyber blue folder. Sadly, No! may not be pornographic but most of your links seem to be to sites with no redeeming social value.


I second that notion, more links to porn sites from Sadly! No. Excellent suggestion.


In my line of work, a PR is a Personal Representative. Like, when somebody dies, their estate is give to a PR to manage and distribute. So, do you have to deal with dead people all day or what? It’s glamerous, isn’t it.


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