Snark is… up?

If we were any closer to being able to snark it up for you, we would already be there. Honest. Serious. No kidding this time.

Sure, the last week was busy and so on. First we moved to Hamburg for a new job. (Apparently, we’re a PR Manager now, fancy that.) Then, our router died. After that, our computer crashed. And on Friday our wife came up to pay us a visit. While the last event wasn’t a disaster on the order of the previous two, it did keep away from the duties of Sadly, No! As of tomorrow morning however, no more! We shall be rested, bitter, angry… and ready to unleash a wave of shrillness the likes of which has never been seen before.


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What, you think you can just walk back into our lives whenever you feel like it and nothing will be different? That you can just pick up where you left off and everything will be the same?

Oh, and frist!


“OUR wife”? You mean, she’s some form of bigamist?


Yeah, what do you mean, “wife”, you dirty rotten two-timer!

You told me that if I gave up writing my column you’d give up writing this stupid blog and we’d finally consummate our mutual attraction for one another!

Huh! Like that’s never gonna happen now!


Amber… consummate…. ugh, it’s shower time For Sure!


What, how long have we been married? Inquiring minds want to know!


So gay marriage *is* legal in Germany?


So the wife makes you “rested, bitter, angry”? And why did you get married in the first place, again?


Actually he’s just putting on airs and using the royal “we” and “ours”


Your month sounds like it’s sucking worse than mine is.

Hurry back. We miss you.

And Pete, too.


Take your time. Seriously, I’ve had time to read some good blogs since you’ve been gone.

And when does the morning of the 6th start in Germany anyway?


Putting on airs? Him and his fancy liberal education. Going around thinking he’s better than us cousin-lovers. Seven toes never did me any harm!


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