Remember us?

If one didn’t know any better, one might think we’ve abandoned you. Sadly, No!

While the management was busy last week moving its furniture to Hamburg (new job and all,) it spent last weekend moving itself, and hence the editorial offices of S,N!, to that city of the same name. Now that we have settled into our new home, expect more of the usual crap starting… soon.


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So, are you set up in the St. Pauli district?


Are you spying on us?!? As a matter of fact, we are. (Although another 2 meters to the west and we’d be in Altona.)


Well, we expect a generous serving of skewered wingnut as soon as possible! People are getting hungry around here. 😉


Thought you guys (‘specially y’all in Germany) would be interested in this:


I’ll just go on believing that Lucianne clobbered you and you escaped with great derring-do. Moving from one city to another, albeit in Germany, is so…mundane and…*yawn* sleep inducing.


ooooh, give my regards to Sven Hoek!


Not spying, just using deductive reasoning as I figured you’d have to be near the Reeprbahn for keeping tabs on lil ‘ol Amber…


The funny part is how you agreed to look over The Dark Window during this time, which has indeed been very dark since your cursory intro. Hey, Pete! Zing!

Okay, so give us Pete’s Blogger passwords and stuff now. Double zing!


Josh Marshall Moved from DC to NYC and he didn’t miss a day of blogging.

But then again, TPM is funny too.


Okay, Pete goes on vacation. Then Seb pops by The Dark Window to report that Amber isn’t writing any more until she gets paid. And then Jonah threatens Seb. Then Seb disappears, and reappears days later to say that it took him 5 days to move his body from some alleged city in Germany to another supposed one.

I think it’s obvious what really happened. Seb killed Pete and Amber, and then had to lay low until the cops lost his trail.


Oh, and he probably killed Jonah too, and it not posting here because he has to keep anybody from knowing about Jonah’s disappearance by writing Jonah’s columns and stuff.


It took you how long to move from Kaiserslautern to Hamburg? Did you walk?! Next time you go off on a week-long bender, just admit it. We’ll understand and probably even compliment you on your choice of beers. Or, if s.z. is right, we’ll compliment you on your choice of victims.Either way, just post!


Hey, you said “now” and I am still waiting for a snark snack.

Maybe s.z is right.


Hmmmmmm Hamburg…


Hello? My life?
Remember that small, insignificant thing, limping along on snark, red wine and Seinfeld reruns?

And just how the hell [HELL I say!] am I supposed to start my day without snarkishness from the Dark Window and/or Sadly, No! (a name which itself has gotten just too fucking ironic) in its’ absence???


…and pardon my wayward apostrophe; I’m THAT perturbed…


Oh, stop sulking and come out. I’ll beat up Jonah and his ugly mama, but only if you come out and dish up some snark.


Eddie? You’re a fuckwit Eddie.

Love WKD


uh, define “soon”.


Apparently it means ‘next year sometime, and I hate all of you so very, very much.’


WKD, didn’t Seb give you the password to the new, improved blog called Sadly, Hamburg? It’s much better than the old blog — it’s full of extra snarky snark, and contains brilliant insights and stuff. Plus, Seb gave his first 1000 readers a new car! I’m really sorry that he didn’t invited you to join us.


Yes, well, thank you.


Wow, thats some high quality spam Seb’s got going on.

s.z.- umm, no?


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