Was it the vagina thing?

Jonah Goldberg emails the management to share this deep thought:

You’re all class.

Jonah Goldberg

Stop, you had us at you’re.

We can only guess that Mr. Goldberg was especially impressed with this post:

  • Jonah Goldberg.
    Claim to fame: Said to have popularized a joke first made on The Simpsons, a Top 10 television program.
    Pro: Ability to mention popular television programs gives conservatives illusion they are the cool and hip kids.
    Con: Ability to mention popular television programs leads to cognitive dissonance whenever one features nudity, profanity, or homosexuals leading ordinary lives.
    Other noteworthy observations: Last person to have had contact with Lucianne Goldberg’s vagina.


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    You know you’ve made it when . . . .


    Better than having Lucianne flapping her labia at you.


    Is that a volley in class warfare?




    Jonah by name…


    That was funny.

    Imagine! Jonah Goldberg lecturing anyone on class.


    love your work, but please, please, please, never publish the phrase “contact with lucianne goldberg’s vaagina” again. ever.



    This is just Seb’s little ploy to increase his web traffic for anyone doing a search for “Lucianne Goldberg’s Vagina”.

    Hope it’s working Seb.


    I think you should use Jonah’s statement on the masthead instead of a Seinfeld quote. After all, Jonah is way more popular than Jerry or any of his costars ever were. Funnier too. At least, that’s what his mother says.


    Well there goes my porn addiction.


    You’re the best, Seb!


    That guy must check his name on Google every day, in order to have found this post. Unbelievable.


    What’s that cretinous ponce Jonah whining about now. He should be thankful anyone would refer to him and a vagina in the same paragraph, since those two things rarely come that close together in real life, vagina mater or no.


    Just how do you know that Jonah was the last person to have contact with Lucianne Goldberg’s vagina? For that matter, how do you know that Lucianne Goldberg has a vagina? Maybe Jonah is the only cunt in that relationship.


    No, no, no, Goldberg! How many times do we have to tell you! You never bother to reply to blogs that are making fun of you, for two reasons:

    1) You don’t want to give them the satisfaction (and it’s a lot of satisfaction, thx); and

    2) If you took the time to respond to every blog that made fun of you, you’d be spending so much time doing so that the folks at NRO would force you to take a sabbatical.

    Now dance, monkey, dance!


    Mama Lucianne’s vagina… Why thats just…


    There goes that tiny shred of sanity I was clinging to, and it is all your fault!

    Now I have to find some meds to put me to sleep, so that I can pretend to be normal at work tomorrow.


    Maybe Jonah’s contact with Lucianne’s vagina is why he is braindead.


    “He then returns to the garage, and, on entering, the mechanic spots him and informs him, “you blew a seal”.

    “No, No,” responds the penguin,” it’s vanilla ice cream!”

    Ha, Ha, Luskin’s a riot. I feel like I’m 12 years old again. Thanks for the link (in the last post)!

    Hamilton Lovecraft

    Hm. A stopped clock is right twice a day – who knew?


    According to my interstellar transponder, on a planet called Earth, there was a property called Amerika, and four centuries back in 2004, Lucianne Goldberg’s vagina was elected as its president on a platform of ‘Strength through aroma.”


    I hate you Kevin.


    All these neocon warhawks can play golf in the summer but can’t holda rifle in Iraq. Jonah’s email had “resolve”


    Buckle your seat belts, looks like we are crossing a line into a new level of snark.

    Oh, dear, what if this inspires the folks at Freepers and Little Green Snotballs to start getting even nastier?


    They can get nastier, but as with all things wingnut related the behavior of their opponents has nothing to do with it. They live in their own world. They get nastier based on conditions there, which we can’t even imagine let alone control.



    That’s one of my favorite jokes.


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