Oh that Donald, he’s so charming!

Happy holidays everyone!

The “reality-based community”? I know that’s what idiot-fringe leftist bloggers like Atrios call themselves.


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Count me in!


And here I thought the right was immune to class envy.


I knew Don Luskin when he was a teenager. He wasn’t this dumb then.

The reality-based community is NOT what Atrios and others call themselves. It’s the name the Bushistas gave to people who make their decisions based on evidence and experience, rather than faith.

If Luskin doesn’t know that, it can only be because he doesn’t read much.

What happened to this guy?


From reading the rest of his blog, it seems to me that he’s seriously out of the loop — kind of like my own brothers who used to be better than they are now. Too much time listening exclusively to Rush and Faux news, reading only Winger books, and never venturing out of the gated community. It’ll do it to you.

Don’t know the guy, so I’m only guessing.


He should not be throwing the word “fringe” around so blithely and carelessly before checking with the demonic projection who is currently using his brain.


Oh, Donald! Oh, Donald!


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