For Christmas this year, we’re going to set the tree on fire

Can you blame us?

President George W. Bush Christmas Ornament


And by the way: why is the president wearing lipstick?

The glassblower creates the ornament using clear tempered glass, which gives the ornament noticeable weight. The ornament is then injected with liquid silver, which gives the ornament its special luminescence. Three applications of paint are required to achieve a spectacular level of detail, and a final dusting of glitter is applied to give your ornament extra sparkle.

Oh, it’s got sparkle baby. It’s got sparkle up the ying yang!


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That’s Liberace, you goose!


Amblongus, you silly goose, you took the Liberace right outta my mouth.



Damn it George! You’re just asking for it stepping outside all tarted up like some hussy.


So, so very pretty.


It’s got a purdy mouth.


And the antenna for picking up secret instructions for aliens explains a lot!


I’m gonna get a dozen, hang ’em on a fence, and use ’em for target practice.


Is it just me, or does he look really, really worried?


Be sure to check out the other ornaments, which are equally awful. My favourite: the Republican Party Animal, which is described as “the perfect Christmas keepsake for the Republicans in you [sic] life!” It’s the pink elephant that visits Meghan Cox Gurdon after drinks her “special medicine” once the kids are bundled off to bed!

The Patriotic Santas don’t add up, though. If Santa lives in Canada, why is he carrying an American flag? And doesn’t the name “Santa Claus” sound suspciously Old Europe to you? It sounds like somebody is trying waaaay to hard to pass himself off as a “Real American”.


This ornament sucks. I was down to the local Christmas superstore and I saw the W ornament hanging with a bunch of other Radko stuff. I mean, the W is cool and all, even if it doesn’t really look like him too much. It has this sort of worried, clueless expression on his face, not the stalwart swaggering impish devil-may-care look that makes me feel all gooshy inside. Not that I care about that, however. I’d have bought one big-time because my tips at Pizza Hut during Thanksgiving were way more than I expected. But see the thing is, Radko also does liberal ornaments too! Seriously! Right there, on the hook next to W was a Clinton ornament! Close enough to reach out and touch Dubya! It was just sick. What?s next, a Monica ornament wearing a blue dress?

I?ll pass, thanks.

Anyway, he does have some cool military ones though. Tiny aircraft carriers and tanks and stuff. I?d love to have a whole, like, war themed Christmas tree with W at the very top looking over the action on the lower branches. I don?t know if Radko makes a machine gun ornament or not but some of the guys in my Nativity set kind of look like ragheads and it be so cool to have a little cr?che battle scene going on. The three kings won?t be dodging those bullets, tell you what.


Shouldn’t that be “creates the ornament using UNEVEN tempered glass”


You know, he’s looking a little gay there. I wonder if that’s Radko’s little commentary on the chimp in chief?


I gotta agree with you this time about the war christmas tree. That would be awesome.

Congratulations about your tips!


As you know I’m emphatically no fan of Dubya, but just on an artistic basis whoever designed this ought to be taken out and shot.


wow! I want one for my cat. And look, he has a tree on top of his head with a little medalion attached to it. What does the medalion say, I wonder? I am thinking that it might say: God Bless America And Nobody Else.

Yes, my cat would enjoy batting that around.

Also, Steve C is funny.


Put a white wig on this, add a few wrinkles and you have Barbara Bush the Elder.


It looks like Walter Mondale to me.


The glass is blown? Oh, my. I could think of a few things that might be blown, to better effect, but glass would not be among them.


Oh, and, by the way. GwB looks like he really, really needs to go to the bathroom. Maybe he should try eating prunes.


The glassblower creates the ornament using clear tempered glass, which gives the ornament noticeable weight

Ah. I was *wondering* about the curiously ingenious process that succeeded in giving “noticeable weight” to, you know, matter.


It doesn’t look like Bush at all. It looks kinda like the actor Victor Garber, sort of … and a Jack Bristow ornament would be pretty sweeeet. It also kind of reminds me of Ken (as in “Barbie and”).

My husband thought it looked like Liberace, too. Maybe it’s Ken Mehlman?

Anyway, it certainly isn’t Radko’s best work. I think we can all agree on that.


he’s wearing lipstick because he is just getting ready for his “man date” that all his friends keep talking about.


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