Are we thankful?

You’re damn right we are!



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I knew that you’d enjoy that, have fun!

and happy holidays


Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Peace On Earth,
Good Will To All,


You know, the first thing I thought of when I heard they were releasing “Seinfeld” on DVD was, “I bet SN! had something to do with this.”

So, congrats!


But are you Penske material?


What are you doing for Festivus this year?


My mum sent me that but the bloody thing is PAL region 2…
I have to find a region-free player now 🙁


I’m thankful for that too. Bought both DVD’s at Costco on Friday. But why the hell is the Season 3 DVD as expensive as the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD? At Best Buy [sic], Season 3 was actually $2 more expensive. WTF?


Frederick: Season 3 was longer than 1 & 2 combined. (Season 1 aired in the summer and only had about 4 or 5 episodes.) More episodes, more hours. That probably accounts for the pricing.


I actually just saw the Seinfeld Story this holiday weekend. Season 1 was 4 episodes, season 2 was 13 ep. and season 3 was 22 episodes. The pilot bombed and NBC passed on it. Then they tried FOX and they passed. Then some exec. at NBC decided it was worth his 2-hours of “whatever” time to try to get Seinfeld on the air, so he broke it up into 4 30-minute episodes and that’s how the whole thing started. (And why season 1 is only 4 ep.)


And that’s all you need of Seinfeld, really. Those first three season were pretty much free of absurd and “whacky” running-about antics and parallel story lines tied “neatly” together at the end.

Last week’s “Reunion special” ended with “What if Kramer’s golf ball got stuck in the whale’s blow hole?”, and that’s precisely the point when what was unique about the series was dulled into a sad echo of its early shine.

And what’s with Richards getting all the Emmys Alexander deserved? Feh.


I went ona a downloading binge and got all the episodes a couple of months ago. Now they?re all just a mouse click away on my hard drive. For a while I was watching at least four a day. The show is the best thing ever to have graced our screens. I`ll be getting the discs too because the downloads?video wuality leaves much to be desired. And yeah, J. Alexander deserved the emmies. To be honest, they should have all gotten them together. They bounced off each other so well and none of them would have been as good without the others.


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