We interrupt this blog for an important announcement

The management of Sadly, No! is proud to declare itself the official winner of this weekend’s Ukrainian presidential election. We call on our opponents to concede for the good of the country.



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Ukraine is game to you?! Howbout I take your little board and smash it!!


Sadlyno eta igra dlya tebya? Yob tvayu mat.


You’ll have your own country to be bloggy and snarky in? goody!!

Sounds like fun. I’m in.


Great! Can you maybe make me Ambassador to some nice European country, so I can get out of crazy America? That’d be nice.


Exit polls that were wildly different from the vote count? Allegations of voter intimidation? Suspiciously high or low reported turnout in key precincts? Abuse of absentee ballots? Boy, those people in Ukraine certainly don’t understand democracy do they? Oh, wait. Those reports were from the US election. My bad.


Any idea of who you want to nuke first?


Mr. President, what is your position on the unsigned boundary treaty with Belarus?


I think your first act should be to reinstate the word “The” before Ukraine like it used to be back in the good old cold war days.


Let’s plant corn fields for bio-fuel in the contaminated parts of belarus so we can drive out the radiation!


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