Anything else?

According to CNN and the FBI:


In other news, FBI: Bank robbers “in it for the money.”

(Thanks to pinki for the link and the joke.)


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Oh thank you Sadly, No! for mentioning that pathetic CNN link. I thought I was going crazy.


Headlines like this always make me think of the dear departed Brunching Suttlecocks, and their 12 least surprising AP headlines:

Boy Scouts Gather for Jamboree

Teens May Be Lured by Sweet Booze

Copter Crash Victims To Be Buried

Heartache, Despair Thrive in Las Vegas

Pearl Harbor Veterans Tell Stories

Symphony to Feature Foreign Composers

Sarah Hughes Honored in Hometown

Cold Front May Break Heat Wave

Cuban Migrants Try to Reach Fla.

Study: Truck Wrecks Deadly for Kids

Colorado Lt. Gov. Has Documents

Twentysomethings Leaving Wisconsin


Bank robbers thought small. Getting the VP gig and then sending a bunch of no-bid, cost-plus contracts to your company is where the real money is at. Especially if your company supplies the never ending war on terra.


Ack, how about Panel Sees U.S. Losing ‘War of Ideas’ Among Muslims

Not to mention the war of bombs and bullets doesn’t seem to be going so well either.


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