There’s a time for snark

Sadly, there’s also a time when one needs snark like one needs a hole in the head. This is one of those times:

My friend Sunny Perkins died this week from severe injuries sustained in an automobile accident far too horrible for me to describe. She was an artist. She was a dancer. She was unbelievably beautiful. She was warm and she was caring and she gave without asking anything in return. She was 27 years old.

Our condoleances (and heart) go out to Pete M. at The Dark Window and Sunny’s friends and family.


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May the Goddess hold Sunny Perkins in Her loving arms and may She bring peace to Pete M.


Oh that’s too terrible. My sincerist condolences to Pete- and to her family.


Is our moment of silence up now? Can we have some snark again please?


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