Joseph Farah has been dubbed a world class freak

Careful children, George Bush is going to sell you out to the highest bidder. Well, assuming one can trust Joseph Farah that is:

NAFTA had to be approved by a Republican Congress and now it appears that a dangerous initiative dubbed “NAFTA on steroids” may be championed by the Bush administration.

Who has dubbed this initiative “NAFTA on steroids?” Why, it’s Joseph Farah of course!

Meet NAFTA on steroids

Should you go over there and read the article, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that the legislative branch of the US government is now a “tri-national task force, chaired by former Liberal Party deputy prime minister John Manley,” while the executive is made up of the “Council on Foreign Relations.” Amazing what you learn over at WND.

Bonus Hal Lindsey quote:

One thing is certain: Had these people [the liberal media] reported the invasion of Europe during World War II in this way, we would all be speaking German now.


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That’s kind of like how I’ve been called the hottest young conservative writer on the internet.


I would, again, like to note that the phrase “x on steroids” (or “x is like y on steroids”) is absolutely incontrovertible evidence of a terrible writer. There are no exceptions to this rule.


How about “NAFTA is the new black”?

No, wait…


Scott’s rule is like the grammar police on steroids.


Yosef– this is what makes you incontrovertably the hottest young conservative writer on the internet.


How about NAFTA with its sleeves rolled up?


He stole this from lefties. here’s somebody from Public Citizen calling the FTAA “NAFTA on steroids” before Farah did. Here’s an article from the Global Exchange Newsletter with the same phrase. And this is from the Heinrich Boll Foundation.


Josephuk Farah, an actor in the hard right movie Wild Night’s Dildo (WND) is charging through the streets of the Internets (all of them, simultaneously. What a feat!) screaming: The borders are a dyin and the furriners are a comin, woe unto you!

Yah, well, if Farah is one of them Angry White Christian Redneck Voter, then I don’t give a damn that “representative accountability” might come to an end because as I see it – it already has.


That’s kind of like how I’ve been called the hottest young conservative writer on the internet.

Yosef, I hear Judson Cox called you “The hottest young conservative writer for the largest circulation paper paper in North Carolina. On steroids!”


s.z. – you’ve just given me a brilliant idea. It’s kind of like what you just said on steroids.


I think this is the first time I’ve ever been in the position of defending a WND writer against SN. Farah’s “tri-national task force” description does not refer to the legislative branch of the U.S. government, but to a tri-national task force, composed of representatives from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Farah makes it clear that the task force will be issuing reports, not passing laws.

I think that it’s unproductive to invent ridiculous positions and assign them to Farah, while ignoring the very real xenophobia and alarmism that permeates WND.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Ooh – I wanna write about retroviral genetic engineering for increased muscle mass. I can get to call it “steroids on steroid”…


…and if people like Hal Lindsey have their way, we’ll have a musclebound son of a Nazi on steroids as POTUS.


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