You took the words right out of my mouth

I was just about to say “are you fucking kidding me?!?”

If Newsmax is any indication, love is in the air and our breakfast is in the bucket:

Talking Presidents? newest action figure, George W. Bush: Top Gun, is something new for the company. The figure does not talk but does come dressed in a full flight suit, helmet, goggles, breather and tanks that are identical to the ones George Bush wore when he landed on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. …

The figure captures the good ol? boy essence of the original George, from his rugged Texas back country good looks and characteristic placid political face. Its resemblance to the 43rd President is amazing, duplicating his crystal blue eyes, engaging smile and chiseled features. The box in which the figure comes in is larger in scale than other Talking Presidents figure boxes. A flip open front panel reveals the full [CENSORED BY SADLY, NO!] …

George W. Bush has been labeled many things: a family man, a shrewd politician, an astute business man, an honest citizen, an environmental deterrent and much more. [Emphasis added]

Seinfeld’s The Big Salad episode:

Elaine: Perhaps there’s more to [Newman] than meets the eye.
Jerry: No, there’s less.

And by the way, here are your chiseled features and crystal blue eyes:


And yes, the filename is that given by Newsmax, not us.


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i thought he looked kind of like kerry at first glance.


one mem I like inserted into the press- people should stop saying “when Bush landed on the carrier” as if he was flying the plane himself. I think that half of the people I talk to believe that this was actually the case…
we need some passive-voice formulation that makes it clear that he was a passenger in the co-pilot’s seat, such as “when Bush was flown out to the carrier”…



dang it, “meme”.



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