It’s Gonna Be …


Good times. We win.


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oh well that settles that i guess


Yes. I’m glad it’s over. It’s been quite a long haul.


Can someone go pick up some beers? The 7-11 is open 24 hours … we should plan for the rest of teh evening.






What a macabre thought.


Wingnuts’ heads asplodin’!


One big happy Family…


Chelsea, right? Gotta be Chelsea.


Am I missing something here? The NY Times write that she will be included in the nomination at the Convention as a tribute to her campaign, but her name will not be on the ballot in fall…


Are you shitting me?

Kathleen Sebelius

Clinton, Clinton, Clinton! *stomps foot*

Seriously though, this has to be a windup – no-one else is reporting it.
Alternatively, SadlyNo! is the new Drudge Report, which is too horrific to think about.


OT (can you really be off topic from an un-sourced one liner?) but damn funny and true at the same time:
Voting Machines

Just Alison, without Qetesh

javafascist, that is one of the grooviest xkcd comics I’ve seen in a while: mind you, I’ve not been there in a while. But I do so love a site that claims to be about “romance, sarcasm, math and language”, and which offers advice about sorting algorithms – takes me back to my geek days.

And does javafascist mean that you’re against java, or about java? And does the lower-case ‘j’ mean that you’re methodical, not classy?


Good prediction — but I don’t see it happening.


It means I think Jonah Goldberg is an ass and a world where he has a regular column in a prominent newspaper is deeply disturbing to me. I used to go by javaphil (which itself evolved from javaman which was my DJ name back in college) but we liberals are all fascists now according to the odious Pantload so I embraced it. If I have to choose the nature of my fascism, however, I choose fascism about java. Starbucks is burned crap if you ask me. I’m a homer and enjoy Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (non-flavored.)

The lower case “j” just means I’m lazy.

Just Alison, without Qetesh

Ah. I took the java as meaning the language, not the coffee. Beggin’ yer pardon.


Too many Javas! For the record, I prefer Objective C and I’m agnostic on Java the island.


Can Bill really serve another term? Even as Vice President? I get confused about all this.

Glossolalia Black

Waiting for the Rickroll…


Actually, there is a very good reason to think this post may be correct.


Screw congress. let’s have a parliament.

[pre-emptive FYWP]


Fuck you. I believed that.


stryx: Can Bill really serve another term? Even as Vice President?

No. You can’t be VP unless you’re eligible to be President (12th amendment: …But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States) and Bill isn’t eligible to be President (22nd amendment: No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice…).

I’m pro-Java – where else are all the Javanese going to live?




Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

The way I read that, he could be Vice President, and he could assume the Presidency if the President was unable to fulfill his term, but he could not be elected again.

The amendment just says that he cannot be elected President if he’s served two terms. Not that I’m arguing in favor in Clinton, but I don’t see anything in the amendment that would prevent him from running for Vice President.


Actually, Factcheck has a pretty good piece on this right here.


Sorry if this posts twice, but I didn’t see it come up the first time. Anyway, Factcheck has looked at this issue. The verdict? Inconclusive.


Man was I drunk last night *hic*


Fiscal Year Work Plan?


Well, hell, Richard Cohen says picking Clinton is a no-brainer, so the Obama campaign probably took his “advice”. Ha!


Flying Yellow Weird Penises


First Year Writing Program?

Fuck You White People?

Foreign Yahoo With Pencil?


F You WordPress.

I like the idea of a Parliament. I nominate McCain for the role of Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk:

Starchild’s nemesis is Sir Nose D’Voidoffunk (“Sir Nose Devoid of Funk” from Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome, 1977). Inspired by The Pinocchio Theory of Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Sir Nose attempts to end the Funk because he is too cool to dance. He is the master of the Placebo Syndrome, which causes unFunkiness (a combination of stupidity and no dancing). His goal is to place the minds of all humanity into a state called the Zone of Zero Funkativity.


I’m guessing either liberalrob got it or it’s “Fixed Your WordPress”, though I don’t know how RB would be fixing WordPress.


Obviously, Obama is Starchild. His name is The One.

Theme From The Black Hole


Mysteriously after receiving files on Obama’s Veep selection, they just as mysteriously disappeared from my home.


Cite? Do you know something the rest of the Internets don’t?

I certainly prefer Hilary to Bayh, but….really?


I, too, am a javafascist – the fresh-ground beans, the cold water, the love-string (if cone-brewed) … but only until it’s made. Then I become a raging anarcho-feminist, bastardizing the bejesus out of it with Demerrara & moo-juice. Henry Rollins is very disappointed in me.

Barack & Hillary?
Did I just hear Rush Limbaugh whimpering?
Man, those poor folks at would just shit bricks – as would more than a few GOP operators. Talk about your heavy inside connections. Eight years in the Oval Office gets you some non-trivial cred in very highfalutin circles. Then there’s the pit-bull factor – the woman absolutely ENJOYS going on the attack. Exactly what the Democratic Party needs right now. She does NOT fight nice, as has already been seen in, ahem, spades by now. If the Dems go with this, Wet-Start is gonna have to have Chuck Norris PLUS Clint Eastwood as a dual Veep pick, just to play in the same league.

If it’s true, as far as McCain’s chances of ever getting a lead are concerned, he may as well go on vacation NOW & save some shoe-leather. It’s over.


Somebody better tell Iris.


henry lewis, liberalrob:

“My fellow Americans… we have returned to claim the pyramids.”


I’m with J Neo on this one. She’s a far sight better than some that have been proffered up, but do you have a line on something or are you just speculating?


I will crap red, white and blue paint before Hillary Clinton is Obama’s veep.

They’re being cordial, but as I see it there is basically NFW Obama would want or allow Hillary to be in his way like that. He doesn’t need her for to get any demographic OR state. And most importantly, her on the ticket in any way hugely increases the noise-level AND the *certainty* of more votes against the ticket, just because she’s on it.

We’ll see. Maybe I did eat some paint and forgot about it. But I’ll be very surprised.


The way I read that, he could be Vice President, and he could assume the Presidency if the President was unable to fulfill his term, but he could not be elected again.

Feasible, but Bill has said that he considers the general rule has more weight than the specific case, so wouldn’t take the job if offered.

Still, y’know, after floats of Bayh and Kaine, Hillary looks a lot better. He doesn’t need her on the ticket, obviously, and it’d make the wingnuts poop their pants in glee, but none of the good picks appear to be on the shortlist. Me, I’d want Schweitzer picked as the opposite of Cheney — anti-PATRIOT Act, and for a Vice President who does fuck all.


I’m okay with it.

But, uh, why aren’t you?

Lastly… Since when has this been such a well-kept secret? Has any election gone this late without a VP?


can you really be off topic from an un-sourced one liner?

if not, my whole blogging career has been a total waste of time.


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