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U.S. Military Probes Shooting of Iraqi in Falluja

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military has begun an investigation into possible war crimes after a television pool report by NBC showed a Marine shooting dead a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja mosque, officials said on Monday. […]

The pool report by NBC correspondent Kevin Sites said the mosque had been used by insurgents to attack U.S. forces, who stormed it and an adjacent building, killing 10 militants and wounding the five.

Sites said the wounded had been left in the mosque for others to pick up and move to the rear for treatment. No reason was given why that had not happened.

A second group of Marines entered the mosque on Saturday after reports it had been reoccupied. Footage from the embedded television crew showed the five still in the mosque, although several appeared to be already close to death, Sites said.

He said one Marine noticed one of the prisoners was still breathing.

A Marine can be heard saying on the pool footage provided to Reuters Television: “He’s f***ing faking he’s dead. He faking he’s f***ing dead.”

“The Marine then raises his rifle and fires into the man’s head. The pictures are too graphic for us to broadcast,” Sites said.

According to Deutschland Funk, the Marine says “Now he’s really dead” after shooting the man.

Added — From The Independent:

“He’s fucking faking he’s dead. He faking he’s fucking dead,” says the Marine. At that point a clatter of gunfire can be heard as one of the Marines shoots the prisoner. Another voice can then be heard saying: “He’s dead now.”


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Yet another bad apple … Rumsfeld’s bushel is really beginning to fucking stink.


And, of course, the investigation would have been launched even if the whole thing hadn’t been captured on videotape.


He’ll be on KP for a least a week, that will teach him to watch out for reporters before he commits war crimes.


What gets me about the whole “bad apple” sound bite is that it’s become disconnected from the aphorism.

One bad apple spoils the bushel.

With this many bad apples, the whole enterprise must by now be rotten to the core.


Most of my coworkers feel, “That’s 1 down, 30,000 to go.” They don’t need no stinkin’ rules of engagement. Of course, in the safety of the office lunch room, where the worst horror that awaits is that moldy spot in the fridge, they are locked and loaded and ready to go. Jerks pumped up on their last aliquots of testosterone, and vicariously too. I wonder what their response will be when the Collateral Damage Photo-Gallery appears, with the dead and mutiliated women and children.


Well-children are nothing but…future terrorists. And women are good for nothin’ but breeding future terrorists. So, from the Compassionate conservative Heartland, your co-workers’ repsonse will be “meh.”


They should show the goddamned pictures. Let the fucking yahoos who support the war see what our tax dollars are paying for. As the button says, “If you kill one person, it’s murder. If you kill 100,000, it’s foreign policy.”


I have a slightly different take on this particular incident. I want an investigation into the officer who ordered the first group of Marines to leave their prisoners for later pickup but didn’t follow up so they were still laying in the mosque the following day. I want an investigation into the comm failure that kept the second group of Marines unaware that there were prisoners inside. I want an investigation into the report of firing from the mosque that seems to have been completely bogus since there wasn’t anybody armed inside. I want an investigation into whoever released the Marine who fired the last shot back to duty even though he had been wounded in the face the previous day and was clearly psychologically unfit for service at that time. I don’t know enough details about the incident yet to know who was guilty of what, but there were clearly plenty of screwups beyond that one soldier.


I saw this scene on Al Jazeera. It was really awful. I am just appalled. It was very clear what he was doing and the sound was also clear although I had read this previously so I already knew what was going to be said. The guy was lying on the ground obviously wounded and the marine went up to him and put the gun right to his head and bang bang. Then the voice said “well he’s dead now!”

Why are they so proud of their murdering sprees that they are taping them?


Frederick reminds me of an EyeHateGod t-shirt (think it was theirs) that repeated a quote so famous that I can’t remember who said it.

“If you kill one person you are a murderer. If you kill one million people you are a conquerer. If you kill everybody you are a god.”

George Bush for God!


Apparently they were paraphrasing. I found a site with the original but it didn’t like my browser so fuck that shit.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Miss Authoritiva:

You can find the pictures here:

What I suggest you do is to print out in as high a detail as possible the most graphic
pictures you can. And then simply pin them around your cubicle without saying a word or making any other comment.


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