Is Dick about to leave us?

November 4, 2004:

“Monsieur Arafat n’est pas mort” affirmait l’officier ? la fin d’un communiqu? laconique lu devant les m?dias dans la cour de l’h?pital.

November 14, 2004:

Vice President Dick Cheney, back home after a brief hospital visit, has nothing more than a cold and his heart is fine, an adviser said Sunday.

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Posting in french is objectively pro-Saddam.


Another line from the linked article about Arafat might apply to Cheney: “Il n’a pas l’air bien mais son corps est encore chaud.”


?Son corps est chaud, sauf aux alentours du coeur o? c’est glacial.?


I mistakenly thought Cheney had bought the farm when I read “Old Dirty Bastard Dead.” Not that I jumped up and clicked my heels together, but it did give me a momentary “Toyota” feeling.


If he went, who would replace him?

The thought gives me nightmares.


Dear Jeebus, please take Mr. Cheney home to Paradise to live with the Tripartate God forever and ever, in thy Holy Ineffable Name, AMEN.


What grytpype said. Weird — who goes into the hospital when he gets a cold? btw, I’ve always thought it strange that everyone seems to think it somehow hitting below the belt to point out that Cheney, having had four heart attacks, has no business being on the ticket. But then of course neither does Dubya, so why not?


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