Let your soul be your pilot

President Lookin’ Into Souls speaks:

“Well, I’m confident when people realize that there’s a chance to vote on a president, they will participate,” President Bush said Wednesday when asked whether the participation of Sunni Muslims would be necessary to make the elections free and fair. […]

As I reminded our citizens prior to the Afghanistan elections, there’s a deep desire in every soul to vote and to be free, and to participate in the presidential elections,” he said.

In fact, Iraqis will not choose their president directly. They will be voting to choose a National Assembly of 275 members, which will elect from its members a president and two deputies and write a constitution. [Emphasis added, stupidity in the original.]

The article’s headline is “Confusion in White House on Aim of Iraq Election,” which seems to be a polite way of saying “President unaware of any facts about the upcoming elections in Iraq.”

(Thanks to Blair for the link.)


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there’s a deep desire in every soul to vote and to be free …”

I think he means “there’s a deep desire in just under 60% of eligible souls to vote and to be free.” And about 30% of those souls are apparently stupid, since they voted for him.


Its good to see that our dear leader is determined to remain consistant in the face of adversity. He consistantly demonstrates his stupidity when dealing with adverse reality.



it’s good to see that our determined leader is consistently adverse to remain informed of anything which would adversely affect his consistent determination to embrace stuoidity as an essential quality in his reality-based world.

in their “soul?”

god, he pisses me off. after all i’m dadnation; he’s stealing my niche.


“stupidity in the original.”

That’s fucking hysterical.


Is it just the elitist in me that would prefer a president who could grasp (and retain) some of the finer details? I don’t mind such fuzziness in the twice-removed in-laws I get seated with at holiday dinners and wedding receptions because, generally speaking, they’re not in charge of the world’s lone superpower. But really, the Lone Superpower Guy should make an effort.


Anyone here having trouble post at Eschaton (sp, whatever). Haven’t been able to do it since election night in the US.


He never seems to have any facts about any situation at any time.

He just makes shit up as he goes along.


Who, George Bush or that troll at Eschaton that I want to fuck but can’t because I can’t fucking post?

Short answer, both!


Just how many and what kinds of drugs did Barbara Bush do during her pregnancy with George? She must have free-basing Aqua Velva.


Fetal alcohol syndrome.


Much as I would like there to be a reason for bush to be so incredibly, mind-bogglingly stupid and ill-informed, I think the real reason is that he’s never called on his stupidity by anyone, so he just gets lazier and lazier about thinking for himself or learning the facts about any given situation. I’ll wager that he would at least try to understand the world around him if he weren’t always rewarded for being a dumbass.

The media are his enablers.


In fact, Iraqis will not choose their president directly.

Oh, they’re just nitpicking our Dear Leader to death. After all, in this great country of ours, we do not choose our president directly, either. If we did, we would not be barely tolerating this guy’s nitwitery.


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