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Apparently, full disclosure isn’t spelled Gonzales:

Alberto R. Gonzales – the White House declined to release his middle name, saying that Mr. Gonzales prefers the initial – was born on Aug. 4, 1955.

This post is dedicated to the use of extremely obscure references as titles.

Added: Do you know Mr. Gonzale’s middle name? Leave your answer in the comments. By email, Blair suggests it is Ru Paul.


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too many secrets


I don’t know for certain, but if MY name were Alberto Roberto, I’d stick the initials too.



As in Alberto Rogered Gonzales. Because of that name, he was harassed to an extreme degree. He never got over the rage produced from that harassment. After years of impotent anger and rage he now gets even, by writing memos for the preznit in which Al prescribes that the Geneva Convention must be set aside for the use of torture and sexual humiliation.






It’s Rinladen. You can see why he prefers we don’t know.






Rehnquist. Or should that be HQIUTERNS?
(Great movie!)






Maybe it’s an anagram for Rat Gazebo Enrolls.

Think about it.


I bet it’s Rene. Not an uncommon first name for boys in Hispanic families where I grew up in NM.


Well, since he’s clearly an evil cyborg, I reckon it’s robot.


Hey, where’d Andrew McManama pick up that -Smith at the end?

It’s your frequent commenter RETARDO.


Rashomon. Because no one remembers the Abu Ghraib memoes the same way.

By the way “Sneakers” is not an obscure reference, expecially to folks who lurk in weblogs.


What a magnificent nominee ARG is. He issued a legal opinion saying that Dubya and everyone who tortured at his direction was immune from liability for doing so (no, Virginia, that is not the law), and that the Geneva Conventions are “quaint.” Oh, and he used to be general counsel for Enron. I couldn’t imagine a finer Attorney General of the United States. Well, OK, this guy, but he’s dead.


It’s probably some weird anagram that spells ‘I am Voldemort’.




Maybe it’s just R. Wasn’t there a president who only had a middle initial, but no actual middle name? Harry S. Truman maybe?


I thought that was Homer J Simpson….


Alberto Roughshod Gonzalez


He should be forever known as Alberto Gonzales, the Architect of Abu Ghraib.


“I thought that was Homer J Simpson….”

No, Homer has a middle name, it’s Jay.


I thinking it must be Remy.


Ruminant perhaps. Or Ripsnort.


maybe it’s Reich?








His full name is Alberto N. Ron Gonzales.

Does anyone know what the N stands for?


Given the predilictions of both Bush and Cheney, I can’t be the only one suspecting that the thinking behind this is, “They’ll never be able to find his DUI convictions if we don’t tell them his middle name!”

Just sayin’.


I think Margot’s right, it’s Rene. Way too French. Would’ve cost him the nomination if he’d revealed it.


I had a 6th grade teacher whose last name I don’t remember, but he was Mr. B. Ortiz (let’s say) until we found out what that B stood for. Then he was Baltazar!



And the “N” stands for Noxious.


You want to be AG? you better fucking release your middle name. Holy fucking christ, what is with these people?


No one suggested Romulan?


“Rule of Law? What Rule of Law?”


“REVOLTING,” “Rancid,” “Racist,” “Radicalrepublican” “Repugnant” “Rasputin,” “Reviled,” “Reject,” “Revolting,” “Redneckwannabe,” “Rattlesnake,” “Reallyrotten,” “Rottentothecore,” “Ruttle:” Any of these work for anybody? Doesn’t really matter: We’re all screwed anyway! Here’s to the fall of the Roman Empire, baby–whoo-hoo!!


Alberto Reich the 3rd. :p

Has anyone considered calling his mother/siblings and just asking?





Coincidence? I think not.


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