Consider yourselves lucky

That we didn’t make some very obvious (and obviously bad) pun about this rather stunning story.


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Well, Jesus did keep a prostitute around, but they never said that any of his disciples were gay, so I guess by keeping the brothels, they’re being more Christ-like?


I finally got around to reading “Reefer Madness” and am on the section about the rise of the porn industry. J. Edgar Hoover had a secret CIA collection of all the available porn and stag movies on the market and In the 60s there was a senate subcommittee assigned to investigating porn. It occurred to me that even though the religious “right” runs everything now they wouldn’t dare ban porn or try to censor the adult industry, because it’s such a part of our culture. (I could be wrong.) If only our civil rights were so revered.


Hey, prostitution is the second biggest money raker in that state.

Of course they’re not gonna give it up.


Hey, it’s still a value if you have a coupon.


they wouldn’t dare ban porn or try to censor the adult industry

They don’t have the courage to do so face to face, so what you get are these venue-shopping prosecutions designed to bankrupt small operators.

One of the most disappointing aspects of all the Democratic breast-beating over the need to connect with the “moral values” crowd is the refusal to call the Pugs for their four decades of political cowardice on the issues. The Democrats knowingly took the hit over the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, but the Right can claim the lack of values is destroying the Fabric of Our Country and do nothing but harrass the occasional citizen caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.


I take it the pun is:

“County votes twice to keep ‘bush'”


Doghouse – unfortunately you are right and I was woefullt uninformed about this issue. They are cracking down on porn, just doing it in secret as you mentioned.


LOL, Ryan!


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