Are we the only ones that hadn’t seen this?

Just in case the answer is sadly, no!, here it is:


Added: ok, so everyone else knew about it. The company is TOM BIHN. (Thanks to Mnemosyne.)


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Yes, you are far behind the times, Seb. These bags became so popular once people saw that message that the company (Tom Bihn) started selling t-shirts with the same message (en francais, naturellement). You can support their company at:


I’d heard of it.


Though if I remember correctly, the labels are French/English bilingual not because they sell to France (though they probably do) but because they sell to Canada. So don’t let the French get big heads over the whole thing — it’s the Canadians that Tom Bihn’s company is apologizing to.


Now we know the real reason those teachers were kicked out of that Bush campaign event. It wasn’t because their t-shirts had terrorist messages like “Protect Our Civil Liberties” on them, it was the labels.


Well, I must’ve been visiting Bin Laden in the caves that week, because I hadn’t heard about it. Thanks for the 411, Seb. You da man.


Mnemosyne is correct.

Also, their bags are damn fine products; I own the “Smart Alec,” and it’s one hell of a bag. And yes, it has the famous care tag on it, but that isn’t why I bought it. 🙂

Seriously, well recommended.


What the fuck? Now clothing is objectively pro-Saddam. I’m having a difficult time keeping up on the things to be indignant about.


Truth in Labeling

How often do you read the labels on your clothes? You might want to make it a habit so that you do not miss something like this: Update (11/10/04): Sadley, No! via Memosyne reports that this label is from products manufactured by Tom Bihn. The label ph…


Yeah, I had seen it before, but it’s still great.

So thanks for bringing it up again!


Some stories never go out of style.


My ID bag doesn’t have any care label at all, unfortunately. I recommend the bags to everyone who will listen — good design, made in the US won me over before this little stunt.


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