Why yes, yes we are!

There are blogs who, when looking to make their mark, take to mocking (cruelly and viciously) their more successful peers. These blogs are called The Dark Window and elementropy.

And then there are blogs who believe that their purpose is to publish the truth, even if it goes against the alleged conventional wisdom:

the always clever Sadly, No!

W-O-R-D, up.


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Oh, we’re “clever” now, are we?

Was Kerry clever when he allowed himself to be wounded in Vietnam for future political purposes?

Was Saddam clever when he duped us into supporting him during the Reagan years, or when he sent those planes crashing into our buildings?

None of y’all are clever; not a single one. W is clever. Red Staters are clever. Jesus was clever.

See the pattern yet? Sadly no – because you’re smart, but not clever.


Satire, thy name is Steve C.


Wow, Sadly, No! That is some funny troll you got there. It must be one them new types the R’s grew and nourished during the weekend before the election, and let loose upon the hapless and unsuspecting internets.


oh yes, forgot to say:



He’s changed his email address and almost seems funny now, so I don’t believe its the same guy.


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