Is there a wingnut statistics university?

There must be, because we just found another graduate. Last June, we caught the owner of Trying To Grok trying to dismiss a poll whose results she didn’t like with this:

And if the margin of error is plus or minus 3%, and 53% of these 1,230 people thought war was not necessary, then perhaps only 615 people in the whole USA said this.

And now Judi McLeod contributes this craptacular entry:

A new poll revealing that one third of Canadians view the United States as “a force for evil in the world”, was based on the opinion of 167 people.

The Innovative Research Group Inc., a Toronto-based research firm was commissioned to survey 500 randomly selected Canadians. The poll, released to CanadaNews Service and results of which were published in Thursday?s National Post, made headlines for revealing that Canadians? dislike for the American administration is so strong that almost one-third now believe that the U.S. is a force for evil. One third of 500 people is 167.

While even an amateur would concede that the margin of error given a sample of 500 is going to be high, the entire only “x” people said this or that line of criticism is, simply, too stupid for words. Buy yourself a statistics book and read it. Until then? SHUT UP!


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Geeze, this again. Math and facts: A wingnuts top two enemies.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

These statistic thingys are one of them there “reality-based community” thingys, right?


Educated people are objectively pro-Saddam.


Yes–it’s called the American Enterprise Institute.


Ah — dadanation is onto something!

These are winger women! Winger women leave math to the menfolk! (Cause that’s how God designed us, you know! Men are good at math and driving tanks and discovering antibiotics and such, women are good at rubbing men’s feet!) *That’s* why these here girl bloggers keep making such egregiously silly statements about statistics! Cause they’s right-wing girls and they just couldn’t do that math!


Don’t be silly. That would involve getting one of those ed-u-ca-shuns them lib’ruls are always talkin’ about.


Hey… don’t knock Judi. She says the mafia may have been behind 9/11


frankeinstein was here


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