Let’s find something totally meaningless to lie about!

Mission accomplished!

Internet conspiracy theorists and some Democrats have insisted that the bulge was the outline of a radio receiver that got debate answers from an adviser and transmitted them into a hidden presidential earpiece. But Andrew Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, dismissed the bulge as nothing more than “a poorly tailored suit.” Ken Mehlman, the Bush campaign manager, said on the NBC News program “Meet the Press” that “the gentleman responsible for the tailoring of that suit is no longer working for his administration.”

In fact, de Paris is still making suits for Bush [Emphasis added.]

From the same article:

“He knows very much the quality, madame,” said de Paris, whose hand-sewn suits cost $3,000 and more.

He did not offer up the amount that is paid by Bush, who campaigned as a man of the people.

Gee, who was it that was complaining about a certain presidential candidate wearing fancy pants suits and ties?

“Why else would the richest man in the Senate ? a man whose pricey wardrobe is laid out for him daily by his personal valet ? wear only one necktie during almost all of his public appearances?” asked Swirsky in a September 20 column.

We were never sure as to why the price of a man’s suits should make him less (or more) suited to the White House. Yet it never ceases to be obvious how much some wingnuts admire not the real George Bush, but some ridiculous man-of-the-people caricature of them him they’ve dreamed up in between shots of bourbon.


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Personally, I think the bulge was where they had his prehensile tail tied down. Whether its a monkey’s tail or a devil’s tail is left as an exercise for the reader.


“…Bush liked to finger the English cashmeres and wools that de Paris brought over to the White House for approval and that the president instantly knew what he liked…Bush, he added, likes full-cut trousers and his hand-sewn white Sea Island cotton and French-blue shirts”

My goodness, that is quite possibly the gayest thing I’ve read in a long time. What kind of Texan hangs out with long-haired Frenchmen while fingering their cashmere?

I need to sit down now…


Oooh, nasty.


If it wasn’t for your homophobic comment, that would have actually been funny!


It is pathological, compulsive. They make new worlds of lie faster than people can comprehend. Maybe someday they’ll trip over their lies. But, I doubt it. Reality-space is warped around them, they are impervious to rationality. They’re reality’s little black holes.


“…but some ridiculous man-of-the-people caricature of them they’ve dreamed up in between shots of bourbon.”

This stuff is just too rich!
No wonder I find this place and other 2 cool blogs my own personal breath of fresh air (or is that ether?)


Hmm, that should have been him, not them. :-/


It wasn’t Steve, check the email address. Hence my comment.


You mean there’s a human impersonating a troll impersonating a human? I think I need to lie down now, too.


I know, these inter-twining realities are breaking my brain.


if i may be so bold…

why do we continue to ignore the fashion elephant in the room? you know who i am talking about. she may be the quinine in his tonic water, the blue in his curacao but lord knows she is no gabana to his dolce (or, as they would say in sardinia: il duce). yes, laura “unsafe at any speed” bush sr (as pictured here in her favorite pee yellow geraldine giraffe garanimal power suit).

jackie kennedy had dior and givenchy; pat nixon had enough marlboro cigaret cartons to make a tree fort; barbara bush has a pearl necklace, everyday; but laura? what does she have? while i can’t reveal my sources, i do have it on reliable authority that the rumor about the blazer and matching skirt ensemble laura wore to the victory party was shoplifted has not been disproven. my source insists it was a gift or would have been a gift if she had asked for it.

and, just to moisten the envelope flap, i hear it was indeed hot off the racks from the yet-to-be-released pr?t-a-porter pamela the panda garanimal line.

the apple falls from the tree — (scroll down) one look at jennie and bonnie proves that.

truthfully, if ever there was someone in this white house with a sense of fashion and presentation, it would not be laura bush. christ, standing next to lynne “sleestak” cheney, even jesse helms would look more feminine. but that’s not my point.

i forgot my point.

is it just me or does karl rove remind you of henrietta hippo from /the new zoo revue/? (with doug and emmy jo, every day’s a different show…)


Sorry WKD, I haven’t been looking at people’s email addresses here. But now that I did, your’s is funny. Hee.


Thank you, one tries one’s best.


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