I can feel something special between us

Can you? Oh baby! Give it to me! Don’t stop now. Where did you learn that? Oh my.

(Thanks to a reader for the links (and the accompanying erection.))


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Sick and disgusting!


We need a constitutional amendment to ban this, too!

Sick and disgusting!


Some say disgusting others might say revolting.


Not very gay friendly; it looks like all AC and no DC, I’ll go back and look again.


You, sir, are quite twisted.


un-fu***-ingly amazing. mind you, the heterocentrism is problemmatic; the images absolutely whacked. i loved it.


This is as deplorable as pornographic stick figures. Quick, alert John Derbyshire!


This kind of thing is destroying America!

I must take these photos as evidence….


What the hell was that? and can I prevail on you to send those images to John Asscrack?

I’m hoping his head will explode.


Don’t laugh. After Ashcroft gets through with us, that’s the only porn we’ll be able to find.


People, didn’t you see these were labeled as bild? Obviously Seb is furthering some German plot to take over the world.


After John Ashcroft is through, sex will be by appointment, blindfolded and no fun at all.

Well, maybe except for that whole blindfolded part.


Incidentally, who remembers the anti-sex league in 1984? It is to laugh!


Welllll, I have to admit I still prefer my faux sex using Lego blocks.

But that’s just me.


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