How Bush won the election

Adam Yoshida sums up his post about the US presidential election results thusly:

We have done great things together.

So apparently, the election was won in part thanks to the contribution of Canadians living in their parents’ basement who keep themselves busy by either eating twinkies or masturbating to pictures of Ann Coulter.

It’s amazing the things one can learn on the internet.


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You mean…

It’s amazing the things you can learn on the internets? The Preznit says there’s a whole bunch of ’em.


Adam Yoshida should stay in his mom’s basement. If I ever meet him I’ll be tempted to seriously hurt him.

I did laugh out loud when I saw his post. What’s this us business? we don’t need anymore sociopaths in the US. We have plenty of our own, thanks.


We should be grateful for Adam Yoshida, he might be the single most important reason that American Democrats looking to move to Canada is only in the thousands rather than the millions.


And the little prat disabled the comments on his site. (…!!) The only reason I ever visited it was to revel in the derision. And to push him to commit a hate crime (yeah, I know, I’m Canadian, I support free speech…but the idea of Adam in jail is hilarious)

…Phoenician, you know what I’m talking about, right?


hey come on he can masturbate and eat twinkies at the same time, he is our better, from what i hear from Bob Novak


Too bad Adam killed the comments on his blog. I used to enjoy posting there. I sort of felt guilty about slumming, but it was amusing. The ‘great things’ line reminds me of Mr. Moon in the wand shop telling Harry Potter about how Voldemort did ‘great things.’


I think it goes like this:

the more stupid, misinformed and absolutely vile the blogger is, the more likely they are to disable comments. It’s really just the equivalent of a two year old sticking her fingers in her ears saying “I can’t heeeeeeeeearrr you!”

Funny, that’s how I ALWAYS picture Michelle Malkin.


I was thinking that someone should set up a website called SHAMYoshida (SHorter AdaM Yoshida), the sole point of which is to piss him off by commenting on his site. What do you reckon, Phoenician? I’d bet it even got more readers than the original!


Adam’s writing has a certain marching-forward-with-big-erection kind of a beat to it.

eww! I have made myself ill. I need a looong shower to wash away this image from my inner eyelids. eww!

But before I go, let me plead with Canada, please Canada, keep AY on your side. We already have too many rightwing sex-with-violence addicts in this country, many of whom came out to vote on Tues.


I think your suggestion is lovely, initiate debate, but I hardly think Mark or Urban Cowboy would visit.

Shame really, since my favourite part of the site was watching everyone beat them down with facts.


Mark and UC were the same person! The point would be that the majority of contributors to his comments were ‘lefty liberal hippy tree-huggers’, and we’d have a laugh. Plus we could e-mail him with links to the site, which would blatantly get more readers than his actual site. The only reason I haven’t done it myself is that I have no knowledge whatsoever about website design.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

…Phoenician, you know what I’m talking about, right?

Yeah, one source of fun cut out.

There’s a rich seam of wingnuts at though. Go wild, people.


How about:

It’s got all of his posts since he stopped comments.


But I thought many of the comments at Adam’s place were disabled.

Now you’re saying her’s switched off them entirely – at the moment of electoral climax?

Perhaps he just needs some quiet, cleaning up time.

I want my Adam YD!


“It’s got all of his posts since he stopped comments”

Sweet. Cheers!


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