What have the Romans ever done for us?

According to the CBC:

As a bonus, the tin was non-toxic. By the second century AD, Romans were beginning to recognize the health risks of lead. [Emphasis added.]

Meanwhile, several hundred years later:

The Bush administration’s proposed 2005 budget slashes federal funding to prevent lead poisoning by $35 million. The national lead prevention program is aimed at providing expert evaluations and repairs for homes in an effort to prevent young children from being exposed to lead-tainted paint particles, dust or soil. […] The whopping 20 percent funding reduction called for by President Bush could leave some 40,000 homes contaminated with lead next year.

So when can we expect Biggus Dickus to start working at the EPA?


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Biggus Dickus is too busy being President.


Beat me to it, Cap’n.


Screw them, 10 to 1 they voted for Bush anyway. Hope their beds are comfy.

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Quit whining. Drinking lead never did Bush any harm, did it?


I knew Biggus Dickus, and I can tell you, George W. Bush is no Biggus Dickus … or at least has no Biggus Dickus …


Stop whining. The people gave him a mandate to poison our kids, you know.


Leave no child Unleaded.


Hey, he’s just planning for 2008. Lead poison victims suffering from dementia voted for bush 3 to 1!


The children in these neighborhoods will only be needed as bulk domestic labor. They don’t need beautiful minds.


u are all shit heads


well i think a sevilised convo was needed


aqua duct


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