Americans foolish people, survey finds

CNN reports:

They [Americans] also expect Bush to put aside partisan agendas and lead in a bipartisan way, according to the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

Has anything happened in the last four years that would make this expectation even remotely reasonable?

Americans by and large appear to be happy with the results of Tuesday’s elections[.]

Call us bitter bitches, but when the candidate we vote for loses, we’re not happy with the results.

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It’s true a majority are happy but as the CNN story I read goes, it’s 51% so you know, it’s the Bush voters who are happy.

bare majority


There they go, lumping us with those mongrels.


“…but when the candidate we vote for loses…”

YOU voted? Damn, you’re crafty!


Uh – all of the americans I talk to are not happy about the election…..


Bush be bi-partisan and a leader of all the people? That would entail a change in direction not steady leadership. It would be seen by his base as a flip-flop. It would mean he was admitting his past partisan, divisive, mean spirited hackery was a mistake.


BIPARTISAN in GWB’s Divine Dictionary is defined like this:


BI = two nostril. PARTY = Godly time with Crack. SAN = Sanitize the delivery system.

2)BI – PARTISAN = Fighting on two fronts. In the case of the President and his Vice President, the term BIPARTISAN relates to the President fighting and firebombing his Democratic colleagues across the aisles and his Vice President fighting the same foes, eradicating them unless they shape shift to talk and think like Republicans. Hence fighting on two fronts for peace and a one party nation, lead by one Noble Leader and one faith to bind them all.


Sorry guys, but aren’t you forgetting that about 80 million people didn’t vote? If they’re to stupid or apathetic to vote then they must be ok with the situation as it is, which puts Democrats in a minority.


Sigh, I used to think that Americans were smart. Let’s face it, we’re fucking idiots.


I never thought Americans were smarter or dumber (on average) than any other people in the world. But how American culture celebrates fatuousness, yes, that’s quite unique.

And I’ve decided to stop laughing about it, unfortunately. It’s not fucking funny anymore.


I’m with T-Guy. Can’t seem to find this funny anymore.

I’ll keep trying.

And — by the way? — I’m sure as fuck not happy with these election results, and anyone that is can stay out of my yard, goddamnit.


Tilda, you made me choke on my coffee. Damn, that was funny.

It’s not that Americans are stupid per se (though I still maintain our best course of action in that department is to remove warning labels from everything and let natural selection solve the problem for us), it’s that so very many of us are lazy and brainwashed. They listen to whatever’s said most on the TV and adopt it as their own opinion. If you’ve ever worked with the public, you know well that people don’t want to read or look for things, or otherwise do the work themselves. They want it all handed to them.

Ditto for this election. Dubya dishes out a whole platter of doo-doo and people just lap it up.


Alena, I think that you just shot your argument that we’re not stupid full of holes all by yourself. If adopting what ever the last thing you’ve heard as your opinion is not stupid, then I think you’ve lowered the bar. 😉


But, but, but, Juan Williams told me this morning that we should expect a more moderate 2nd term. Since Juan would never lie to me I suppose that means all the knifing of those who stand in the way of the President (ohh, that hurts my stomach) will occur before 21 Jan 2005. And, since the press overall seems to be telling me that the moderate influence of people like Tom DeLay and Tom Coburn will steer Bush in the right direction I have no choice but to believe it. I mean would Bush & The Wingers just press an advatage they believe they have because they have it. Never in life.



I just want to make clear that I wasn’t saying that I thought we were smarter than anyone else before, just that I thought that we were smart.


I would expect the 51% who voted for Bush to believe he would lead in a bi-partisan way because, well, they’re idiots. I can’t account for the other 6%. As for Americans “by-and-large” being happy with the results, it must be a sign of where I live that only two of the many people I’ve spoken to in the last two days are the least bit happy with the results. Hopping-up-and-down-mad alternating with where-do-I-move-to-now-disheartened, maybe, but not happy.


It’s a strange reaction, all the way around. Clerk at the grocery store told me she was breaking into tears while stocking shelves yesterday. It’s very odd – the Democrats have lost by much larger margins in the past, ( 1972, 1984 ) but this one has sucked the wind out of everyone i’ve talked to. Perhaps it’s because GWB makes even Nixon look like a decent human, witness Doonsbury’s memories of 1960. Perhaps because it’s now a clean sweep – Congress, the courts, and the media. Perhaps it’s because the king-hell upfront meaness of these people convinces us that compromise simply won’t exist for the next four years. Perhaps it’s because it’s forcing various progressive types to wonder what America really is… the City on The Hill, or the folks who slaughered all those Native Americans? The land of free speech, or conversations with a crocodile?


Well, at least we get to make fun of him for 4 years, I doubt Kerry would have supplied the material that george does.


“Laugh while you can, monkey-boy” – Buckaroo Banzai


Bush said he will earn the respect of those that opposed him.
He also said he was a uniter before this whole debacle started.
Alot of people I talked to are very frightened and sad. I have had to be more positive than I feel, and help them feel some hope.
I am not moving out of the USA. I am an American and I will not leave, I will defend it.

The Bushies and their ilk see this as a mandate, somehow forgetting that 55 mil. opposed his sorry ass.

He will move farther to the right, as if that is possible, and his clan will push it.

It’s a cultural war and we gotta win it. The knuckle draggers are in control and that alone should sink them, but it won’t. IT WON’T.

Yeah, it ain’t funny anymore. This shit is real and America just took a hard right turn towards the dark ages.

I sent an email to Seb earlier this year asking what else can we do besides poke fun at these idiots. I have grown weary of that myself. These people are dangerous, and now I think we all see just how dangerous they are. Play time is over.

It’s go time folks. We have to fight this fire with fire. Snarky intelligence ain’t gonna get the job done.

Those Cons know how to grab power, and we better learn how to do it and do it before 2008. Prior to Clinton the cons were putting their people in at the true grass roots levels. The have worked hard one local politician at a time.

It’s late, I’m rambling, and I’m a pissed off liberal. What can I say?


Call us bitter bitches, but when the candidate we vote for loses, we’re not happy with the results.

Sadly, No!


just a note:
I’m from singapore and the official polls say that singaporeans are generally content with the results of the usa 2004 elections. I think that’s absolute nonsense.

Everyone i’ve spoken to (with the exception of one X army regular)thinks bush is an idiot, so that either means that the newspapers are printing official propaganda (as usual) or that the university students in singapore (yes we only have 3 universities in singapore so its fairly easy to find out what the uni students think) are somehow alone in their anti bush stand.

In the words of of a friend i just spoke to: “By voting bush, the US effectively said ‘fuck you’ to the world”.

While its hardly the business of the rest of the world who america votes for, and while its certainly not a foreigner’s place to interfere in the santicity of the american right to choose, voting bush has greatly endangered the age old image of america the “brave and the free”. Her ascendency has been so well accepted in so many parts of the world during the last half a century, only because of this apparent moral high ground and the ideals of freedom and democracy. It is thus truly a slap in the face, for the rest of the world to find that the US would re-elect a well known warmonger, unilateralist and isolationist as its president. There will no doubt be a reckoning of sorts where this is concerned.. clearly within the next four years; it is my sincere hope that the world ( and of course the USA within it) will survive this reckoning. ps i’d take ANYBODY over ms rice anyday.


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