Will the last South Korean to leave please turn on the power?

Sadly, No!’s entirely unhealthy obsession with the electricity in Iraq continues, thanks to the Washington Post:

BAGHDAD, Dec. 7 — A week after two of their colleagues were killed in an ambush, the remaining 60 South Korean contract engineers and technicians working for the U.S. government on a project north of the capital have decided to leave the country. …

The decision by the men, who were working to fix electrical power lines, is likely to delay one of Iraq’s most critical reconstruction projects. The workers are subcontractors for the Washington Group International Inc., a construction firm based in Boise, Idaho, that has a $110 million contract with the Army Corps of Engineers to repair sections of Iraq’s power grid. …

Tae Ho Ohm, 42, chastised the managers for not taking into account the emotional state of the workers when they tried to order everyone back to work the next day. “The way we think, those who lived and died, we are all the same,” Ohm said. [Emphasis added]



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