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Kerry concedes election



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the more america for me to poop on


Why are Democrats such pussies? WHYOHWHY? For one thing, Kerry said he’d fight the results no matter what, which certainly made me feel a little better at the time.. Yet with the margin in Ohio at a 2% difference and the absentee ballots not even counted yet (thanks to the last-minute restraining order issued by the GOP), Kerry concedes?

Frankly, if I was in a competition and my opponent was cutthroat, cheating, and pulling out all stops to win, I certainly would not step back and say, “Well, okay. I guess you win.” No. You fight harder, as hard as you legitimately can without cheating. You give your opponent some of that cutthroat back, right?


Kerry dropped the ball. On our heads. He made himself look weak, and by default made us look weak. We need stronger progressive voices, and fighters who understand dirty war. The Kerrys have to go. Dean would have died fighting.

I am so disgusted. Now, all these days later, people are starting to say words like “fixed”, “rigged”, and “Ohio” in the same sentence. Better late than never? Shit.

The best thing that came out of this election was/is Barack Obama.


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