A last round of The Rant before the election is over

The polls have opened in a few places, and the wingnuts are going out with one last round of nonsense. First up is Chris Alamo:

Has America thoroughly pondered the grim consequences, if the total lack of respect that John Kerry engenders is eventually projected upon an entire nation that would elect him president?

Have wingnuts pondered the grim consequences, if the total lack of respect that they engender is eventually projected upon an entire TownHall that would give them a job?

The nation slumped to these depths once before, when it chose the empty pandering and slippery excuses of a pathological liar by the election of Bill Clinton. It was during his eight years as president that the mortal enemies of America saw their opportunity to metastasize, striking on an ever-increasing scale with impunity prior to 9-11.

Hooray! It’s Clinton’s fault!

The calamitous “hay” being made by the Kerry campaign over the concocted story of missing explosives shows once again (as if any new evidence is needed) Kerry’s willingness to say anything, whether stirringly patriotic or blatantly treasonous, for the expediency of the moment.

The calamitous “hay” being made by the Bush administration over the concocted story of weapons of mass destruction shows once again (as if any new evidence is needed) Bush’s willingness to say anything, whether stirringly patriotic (mission accomplished!) or blatantly treasonous, for the expediency of the moment.

Next up is Sadly, No! favorite (and Yosef’s arch enemy,) Justin Darr:

The John Kerry Campaign would like to have us think that the right to vote is the same as the right to sleep in late on a Saturday morning, or choosing the brand of soft drink you prefer.

Sons of bitches!

However, it is not.

Go Justin, you show ’em!

It is your civic duty not just to show up and pull a lever, but take the time to research the views of the candidates and make the decisions you feel will best serve not just yourself, but the society as a whole. It is what defines us as Americans[.]

Voting defines us you as Americans? Guess there aren’t as many Americans as we thought.

Edward Daley finishes our The Rant trifecta. Edward argues that the media were wrong to conclude that the US Army allowed an ammunitions dump, which he knows for a fact is wrong:

If the story should inevitably prove to be true beyond all reasonable doubt, I will be more than happy to admit that my assertion that “the story wasn’t true” was incorrect.

Oh, we didn’t know that you didn’t know.

To conclude such a thing without any real proof at one’s disposal is simply asinine, and to state publicly that such unsupported opinions amount to fact, especially so close to the presidential election, is nothing short of despicable.

Des-picable! You can’t just go around claiming things about weapons without irrefutable proof! Unless the presidential election is two years away anyway!

This concludes your Rant Review. We hope it was informative. Now go back out there and vote.


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Dammit! I gotta admit, Justin has a point. The right to vote isn’t like the right to sleep late or the right to choose what kind of soft drink you can buy. It’s more like the right to choose which kind of toilet paper you buy. You can go for the cheaper one that is thin, rough, doesn’t get your mess clean, and leaves your ass chafed; or you can choose the one that’s a little more pricey, but has a lot more susbstance, is soft, cleans up all the shit, and leaves your ass feeling wonderful.

Of course, Justin could explain more on the different types of toilet paper options if you drop by to see him at work at Wal-mart.


Damn that Bill Clinton. Everyone working, the nation having very limited military engagements and no deaths in the Serbian foray, poverty declining, stocks running high, health care expensive but still affordable, the nation generally united, and the most horrifying news story was about a dirty blue dress.

So much better now. Now we have death everywhere, flu vaccine not available, stock market stagnant, job market bad, our allies regard us as a pariah, and the nation is so divided that neighbor is slashing neighbor’s tires.

Sweet. Well, it is if you are Satan.

If we can’t have Kerry, can we please have Clinton back?


Without admitting to it (as usual) the right is laying the groundwork for the “Bush lost the will of the people, therefore we must elect a new people” spin they will peddle after the election (all, of course, without a scant trace of awareness of their own hypocrisy in laying it on liberals who blame liberal candidates losing on stupid voters).


I’m amazed not just at the incredible depths of stupidity and hypocrisy to which the wingers will dive, but also at the stamina it must require on your part to research these sites and read through them in order to bring us gems like these. Thank you!

Do you have to wash yourself with bleach and/or some kind of slightly diluted acidic solution afterwards?


I think he does that before hitting the vodka to deal with the horror, the horror.

James J. Dominguez

Never mind the disinfectant or the vodka – it’s the lobotomy that he needed in order to really comprehend their bullshit that REALLY hurt…


Yosef said, “You can go for the cheaper one that is thin, rough, doesn’t get your mess clean, and leaves your ass chafed”
That’s why you’re “the hottest young conservative writer on the web”(TM). (I can’t remember the latest title you’re using and the crowned heads of Europe have asked you to cut down on the “ludicrously long string of titles” anyway.)


Thanks Mojo. The other one I was using is the hottest great wartime presidential cabinet writer on the internet, but, like you and the heads of state in Europe agreed, that one is really long.

Damn fuckin south makin me look bad! Hey eurofolks. You may not be religious, but please do whatever it is you do that’s close to praying for us. I think God will judge me on letting the thugs in.


As I go to bed now, at 1:00am EST, with an apparent Bush victory in hand, I leave you with this Bush endorsement by Gwynne Dyer’s son:


(I’d really love it if someone would tell me how to post hyperlinks properly.)


Oh man, after all the swearing and telling me what a fool I am and how disappointed I would be come election time, I could really have a field day here…..
I love George W Bush, yes, mabey he dosent make all the perfect choices every single time…who does? But the fact remains that he is a strong leader who cares about this country with all his heart despite the conspiracies people like to try to create. You cant please all of the people all of the time.

I know you are all scoffing at what I write and are thinking what an asshole I am. Fact remians that this dosent matter, more then half this country agrees with me and today Bush has seen how this country stands behind him 51% to 48% after all the media attacks ,Michael Moores and Bush Bashing the Republican party overcame all of it.
So remember, as you sit in your little blog here ripping on Republicans day after day….

you my fellow Americans, are in the Minority….


And just for the record: No president has won the popular vote by such a large margin in the history of this country. Election theft, I think not, clear decisive victory.. Yes.

A bonus of 53 senate seats and clear control of the house… America has spoken.


57,849,328 Strong!


And just for the record: No president has won the popular vote by such a large margin in the history of this country.

What color is the sky in your world, Steve C?


Red White & Blue Baby šŸ™‚


I dont see any one of the canidates in that list of the link you provided having 58,000,000+ votes. No president ever has had that many popular votes, that margin of popular votes is the largest, period.


Steve: Come back when you’ve learned the difference between “number of votes” and “margin of victory,” ok? (Then again, by your logic Kerry is more popular than Reagan ever was, so who are we to argue?)


Oh yes, and earlier I did say “57,849,328 Strong” earlier, but that number keeps on climbing so being hes over 58,000,000 now Ill just say 58,000,000+ strong


I’m gonna leave you all alone now, Im not gonna keep rubbing it in your faces. In fact I will not return again, I’ll let you all get back to your Bush bashing and conspiricy digging in peace.


mar?gin (m?rjn)

4. A measure, quantity, or degree of difference.


I believe that fits into what I was saying.

Take Care…


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