CNN provides proof that Bush has made the world a better place

What better proof could there be, after all, than the following headlines from CNN’s homepage:


Let’s see what we got here: bin (Dead or Alive) Laden making videotapes, Baghdad car bomb, Iran telling the US oh yeah, you and what army?, North “we got the powa’!” Korea, all is well in the Sudan, plutonium stuff, a beheading, and a killing. Oh yeah — four more years, baby!


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And British spanking. You forgot to mention British spanking!


I thik the good Doctor Thompson said it best: “Four more years of Bush is like four more years of syphillis.”


No, four more years of Bush is worse than four more years of syphilis.


Good idea, Anna. I’m going to think about lots and lots of British spanking to take my mind off the election. Lots and lots.


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