My claim is 100% accurate!

Blair (again!) sends us links to this story:

An Iraqi colonel who commanded a front-line unit during the build-up to the war in Iraq has revealed how he passed top secret information to British intelligence warning that Saddam Hussein had deployed weapons of mass destruction that could be used on the battlefield against coalition troops in less than 45 minutes. …

“I am the one responsible for providing this information,” said the colonel, who is now working as an adviser to Iraq’s Governing Council.

“Forget 45 minutes,” said Col al-Dabbagh “we could have fired these within half-an-hour.” [Emphasis added]

The Telegraph also reports:

He also insisted that the information contained in the dossier relating to Saddam’s battlefield WMD capability was correct. “It is 100 per cent accurate,” he said after reading the relevant passage. …

The threats – one verbal and one written – warned him not to divulge any secrets about Saddam’s regime, on pain of death. The week before our meeting, members of Saddam’s Fedayeen had sprayed his house with machine-gun fire. …

Although Lt Col al-Dabbagh agreed to talk freely about his spying activities, he asked that we only publish his family name and that we did not photograph his face. In Arab culture, men are better known by their first name and patronym. “I have to protect my family somehow,” said Lt Col al-Dabbagh, who is married and has several children. [Emphasis added]

Yeah, after receiving two death threats and seeing his house sprayed with machine-gun fire, it’s quite obvious that his low profile strategy is going extremely well.



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