That’s why we moved to Europe

A friend sent us this summary of things he’s seen on Fox News in the last few days. Good thing Fox isn’t part of our cable programming:

1. “public service announcements” supposedly about “civic lessons” and “the role of the president” — GWB talking about what a great job he’s doing. Also a “public service announcements” about how important it is to go out and vote.

2. O’Reilly emphatically saying he won’t say who he’s voting for, and
flashing a big logo that says “no ideology zone.”

3. O’Reilly reading a reader letter that accuses him of being biased for
liberals, and using this as an opportunity to say that he gives equal
airtime to both sides.

4. A report that high times magazine is endorsing Kerry.

5. Big text-over: “GANGSTER RAPPERS COME OUT IN FAVOR OF KERRY”…. a few seconds later, a shot of kerry speaking to NAACP

6. A “debate” about whether it should be in the media’s right to be left-biased.

7. An anti-Kerry ad (from the NRA, i think) saying that kerry “supports a
UN-style gun ban” with video showing lots of european flags

8. A “review of political advertising” that consisted of re-airing three
Bush ads, then having some talking head talk about them.

9. A local candidate’s ad describing his opponent, who used to be a
newspaper columnist, as “a card-carrying member of the liberal media” and
mentioning that the opponent “is from New York, the land of Hillary Clinton
and gay marriage.”


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New York? What is this New York you speak of? Oh, you mean where Hillary Clinton now works, and where gay marriage is still illegal, just as it is in the rest of the country? Now it’s coming back to me.


Fox is so terrible. Have you seen “Outfoxed?” It’s brilliant. “Some people say” – a device used often on Fox News to make it seem as if it’s not actually the commentator’s own biased opinion – that Fox news is biased. Three are about three “news” programs worth watching in the states, The Daily Show, Now with Bill Moyers, and Real Time with Bill Maher. We don’t get all the excellent educational programming or non-subscription soft core porn over here either, but you knew that.


Ok I forgot 60 minutes and Frontline.


Just so you know, that local ad you mentioned is being run by Joy Padgent here in central Ohio and she is accusing terry Anderson of these things. They actually show Hilary in the ad, then flash to two guys holding hands when denouncing gay marriage, then back to Joy and her loving husband. It is the most dreadful thing I have ever seen, and I’ve seen it too many times to count.


Man, there are definitely times, such as this election, when I’d love to move to a more just and reasonable land, but I have within me the foolishly noble urge to do my part to save this place from the tragic contagious idiocy of this “culture war”. Not that I ever have time, due to raising a family and working 60+ hour work weeks and still hardly having enough to scrape by in this wonderful free market.

I’ve noticed, however, that this right wing “Fear Everything, for I am your Savior” stupidity is spreading across the entire globe. If the US cannot be saved, I have very little hope for the rest of the world. Well, I do have some hope for the rest of the World. France turned back the forces of Le Pen, and It looks like, if the election is fairly run, the US will fire GWB come tuesday. However, the numbers of viciously ignorant “True Believers” popping up across the globe is terribly frightening.

In some far out crazy scenario where these fools take power, and oil runs out, war is begun, and access to electrical power is denied the globe for long enough, I could see some terrible Mad Max dark age take hold and our only hope would rest in the hands of a angst ridden, vengeance driven australian-type cop gone rogue. Except the Bad Guys would wear camo colored business suits as their preferred attire…. ummm anyway….

Sometimes it feels like it’s Rational Marginally Organized People vs. the God Chosen Army of Coordinated Flat-Earthers.

btw.. keep up the good work on this site. It’s been good reading.


Having moved to the UK last year, I returned briefly to the States this past spring for a business trip, and had the misfortune of turning on TV news in my hotel room after having spent the better part of 5 months watching the BBC.

God, did it suck. I mean, really. The most apalling, mind-numbing, wretched, insipid drivel was being broadcast as news. If I’d had a magnet big enough and wire long enough, I could have run New York with the power I could have generated from Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave.

And I didn’t even bother to tune in Fox or CNN. We’re talking the networks here. The people who once gave us Huntley and Brinkley, Howard K. Smith, Eric Sevareid, Walter Cronkite, CBS Reports, men landing on the Moon….

Frankly, you can have it all. And I don’t miss it one bit.


_Massachusetts_ is the land of gay marriage.


O’Reilly should change the name of his show to one of these:

*The No Wind of Blame Zone
*Minus $10 mil From My Pocket Zone
*The Sexual Harassment Zone
*Vibrator Whine From My Pants Zone
*The Phone Sex Zone
*The No Andrea Mackris Zone
*The No Wrong-Doing Zone
*The No Shame Zone
*The Dehumanization Zone
*Shouty O’Reilly’s Gasbaggery Zone

He has outlived No Spin Zone, given that the journalistic greats are all spinning in their graves, and O’Reilly is all about spin as we all know.


Just found out the whole story on the Osamma tape wasent told right away. Seem your buddy Osamma says that whichever states that Bush wins will be attacked. Now tell me Osamma isnt on your side… Now enjoy your Kerry/Osamma vote tomorrow people.


DOHA (AFP) – Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden threatened the United States with attacks similar to September 11 and accused President George W. Bush of “misleading” the American people, in a video message aired just days before the US presidential election.

In the video, broadcast by Qatar-based Al-Jazeera television Friday night, bin Laden told the American people that their security is not in the hands of either Bush or his challenger in the November 2 vote, John Kerry, but depends on US policy.

Bin Laden also accused Bush of negligence during the September 11, 2001 attacks in the message, which could further inflame the already intense final struggle between Bush and Kerry to win the White House.

“Despite the fact that we are into the fourth year after September 11, Bush is still misleading you and hiding the real reason from you, which means that the reasons to repeat what happened remain,” said bin Laden.

“Your security is not in the hands of Kerry, Bush or Al-Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands. Any state which does not play havoc with our security would automatically ensure its own security,” he added.

He sounds just like you guys and he fits right in with you.


I choose to vote for the man Osamma dosent want in office.


Steve you must be a Fox News enthusiast. Thanks for giving us a great example of the people who enjoy their fine programming.


Oh, and “state” refers to a nation-state, as in the US. Osama does not literally mean the individual states in the US that lean toward Kerry! Of course I know this because Osama and I speak frequently and he carefully deconstructed his speech for me. I realize that you must rely on cable news.


QUOTE: Of course I know this because Osama and I speak frequently and he carefully deconstructed his speech for me.

Wouldnt surprise me in least.. Liberals back Anti-American Michael Moores views, why not Bin Ladens?


Son of a bitch. If I have to listen to one more political attack ad (and they are nasty on the local level, too–really sleazy), I swear I will put a bullet in my head. I am so happy the election is tomorrow. (I already voted absentee.) I will be abstaining from all TV and radio until November 3rd.


OMG – Osama’s going to attack the states that vote for Bush!

Seb at Sadly, No! has a list of some of the obnoxious pre-election tactics at Fox News. (It’s “fair and balanced!”) I recently saw “Outfoxed” and was not suprised by the examples. There were some doozies, though: – A report…


Fox will do what Fox will do, but on Tuesday, we are running GWB out of office and giving America a genuine president. Bush will be gone in January. And if my luck holds, we might just have the Senate back, too, which would be a real joy, and may have picked up a few of those heavily gerrymandered congressional districts that were supposed to leave everything status quo but aren’t looking that way so much anymore. That would be a real nice pickup too, those CDs.

And then Fox will have to revaluate and you’ll see that bunch of pandering little butt-kissers sucking up to the new power structure. They’re just whore, you know. They don’t actually have any loyalty or affiliation, especially “tough” Bill O’Reilly. Come down to it, they don’t have a principle among them.


Steve C,

Please explain where you get the facts for the conclusion that Osama will attack states that vote for Bush. It’s certainly not from the excerpt you quote above…



Hey katieweb, I’m meeting osamma for coffee this afternoon. You want to join us?


Wow, Seb’s really arrived! He now has his own brain-dead troll, Steve C. *wipes tear from eye* Seb, man, I’m so proud of you.

Come back here tomorrow night Steve C, we’re going to have some real choice things to say to you.


Supergenius, It is breaking news, Im sure you will hear it shortly, and yes Bin Laden is talking of targeting individual states not the United States as a whole.

And Id just like to add its too bad that your misdirected hate dosent go toward the terrorists as much as it does our president. I find that extremly twisted.


Steve, you are obviously a tool of the liberal media, and your posts smack of their pussyass leftism. All I can see from your posts is that you are attacking the great tradition of States’ Rights — of States being able to elect their own Presidents, unencumbered by Federal power (which, as you should know, is illegitimate). Now go back to whatever Commie-loving commune it is that you came from, and leave us REAL conservatives and patriots alone!


I think Osama should target the Red states, cause that’s obviously where all the cowards live: “oh, don’t hurt me, we’re afraid, you’re all so scary wahh wahhhh”

All Osama’s got left is videotape and bluster and SteveC can’t even bring himself to fight because his girlfriend won’t let him.

Pussies. You and your draft dodging Preznit both.


-And Id just like to add its too bad that your misdirected hate dosent go toward the terrorists as much as it does our president. I find that extremly twisted.

Once again, an opinion stated as fact. Oh dear Stevey, you really aren’t very good at this are you? In fact, you are really very bad at this indeed. I’ll continue:

I enjoy it when poorly educated fools like Steve post on these boards, because all they do is re-affirm the correctness of voting Democrat. In fact, it is because of people like Steve that many moderate and in fact immoderate Republicans, like Pat Buchanan for example, are leaving the Republican party in droves. The reason that these people are siding with Kerry is because he in fact espouses views that are closer to traditional Republican values, as opposed to Bush and his Neo-cons, who are in fact ideologically closer to the Chinese reformed one party state, misleadingly known as the Peoples Republic of China. The similarities between the Neo-cons and the current PRC leadership is marked and well documented.


I’m in Ohio too, and that ad against Terry Anderson is the lowest of the low. Padgett appeals to people by saying, “She’s one of us.”
Well, I am NOT.


Ohhh WKD you mean people like Zell Miller right? 🙂 Poorly educated ha tell me about my self WKD, what school did I go to, whats my last name, tell me how much you know about me… Typical Liberal…


There a sentence in OBL’s statement which says “Any state that does not mess with our security has naturally guaranteed its own security.”

It seems like he’s using the word state in nation terms, not individual states.

Am I missing something Steve C?


Ah to live in a swing state important in this election and be a Republican 🙂 Life is sweet


SuperGenius I heard it one on tv and twice on the radio where they say it was translated as indivdual states. Who knows, but I would like to say as a compliment that you come off alot better then most of the people here refraining from swearing and such to communicate. I give you my respect for that. You might not agree with my views or me yours but you carry yourself well.


Steve C,

You’re right – I don’t agree with you.

But as a co-worker of mine likes to say:
I reserve the right to be surprised.


“The first time the WTC was bombed, Clinton did nothing to go after them.”




I think your missing my point veritas, Clinton fired a couple missles at Bin Laden? George Bush went to Afganistan and took it away from them and killed 75% of his thugs. Big difference.

OK, then I wont say Clinton did nothing, Ill say he did very little.


Perhaps if Clinton did the same, those towers would still be standing and George Bush wouldnt have been left to clean up after Clintons lack of handling the situation.



More reasons why Fox News Channel’s slogan should be “fair and balanced… your ass.” And with one day away, maybe Fox will try to pull another last-minute metrosexual Kerry story.



More reasons why Fox News Channel’s slogan should be “fair and balanced… your ass.” And with one day away, maybe Fox will try to pull another last-minute metrosexual Kerry story.


I’m missing YOUR point? Heh. You missed my point – you lied and you got caught. Let me quote you again:

“The first time the WTC was bombed, Clinton did nothing to go after them.”

And now the truth (again):

You’re a liar Steve C.


Steve C,

What would you do *if* we were attacked again if Bush is President again? And don’t give us that “we won’t get attacked while Bush is in power” crap; we have no way of knowing if Bush will protect us, which can go for Kerry as well. No one knows what the future will bring.


Steve simply demonstrates the hubris that has alienated his party from the vast majority of the US public. His lack of mental ability is patently obvious in his laughable posts. His typical Neo-con ignorance is here for all to see.

It’s an easy game to play Steve, and I am much better than you at playing it. Learnt how to construct an argument yet bitch? Know what the word syllogism means? No? This is because you are a fool, as you enjoying demonstrating to us all. You can’t construct an argument, you have no argument, all you do is turn up looking for attention. Haha.

And the word is libertarian, motherfucker.


SteveC, Clinton didn’t GO FISHING the fucking day he got a report that THE NUMBER ONE TERRORIST IN THE WORLD had concrete plans to attack our country. bin Laden was not well known as a terrorist in 1993. He was the best known terrorist on October 6th, 2001, when B*sh decided that going fishing for a month was more important than saving the lives of Americans. Dipshit. If you’re keeping score, Bin Laden was the #1 reason that 9/11 happened; George W. B*sh’s utter incompetence was the second reason, and his utter incompetence is the only reason that Osama isn’t dead. Enjoy voting for Osama/B*sh tomorrow.

Buffalo Gal, what is this Massachussetts you speak of? Oh, you mean *Taxachussetts*.


You guys are cracking me up. Supergenious Steve is indeed confusing the concept of a nation-state with an actual state. According to him, some media outlets have done so also, which seems ridiculous but is not surprising. Yosef I’m sorry I missed Osamma today. Can you arrange something for this weekend?


heard it one on tv and twice on the radio where they say it was translated as indivdual states.

Sorry, Yosef, but you’re gonna have move over for Steve C, the NEW hottest young conservative writer on the web.

He’s got that triple-threat combination of poor grammar and spelling, poor research skills and bellicose liberal hatred that you will just never match.

Sorry, buddy. Somebody had to be the one to tell you.


Again, SteveC, you show yourself to be a tool of the liberal media. You are way to the left of John “French” Kerry, if you think it is Man’s work to protect this Nation against terrorism. Now go back to secular communist Russia!


Play give G.W. a brain. It’s fun for the whole entire family.

Enjoy folk music? Try…


So, Steve did you go ask Rmzi Yousef how leniet Clinton was on the masterminds of the WTC bombing like I previouosly suggested?
Oh, and if the definition of “state” that you postualte is correct then : a) Why does it seem to suggest “states” that pose a threat, is Nebraska going to assault Tora Bora next week?
b)As an unwillingly transported Red Stater (I must return to Florida) I gotta say Steve O. I don’t really see the point of threatening Red States, after all Osama wnats you to vote Bush and there already scared there.


Oh Boy!!!

Steve is a real wingnut tonight… I think there is something wrong with people who cannot read a sentence and undestand what it says. There is no way that Osama meant that a state of the USA would be able to threaten the security of Muslims. That is just plain stupid reasoning. And the guy is so freaking brainwashed in that he thinks that Kerry and the Democrats aren’t going to get the terrorists who carried out 9/11.

I am a victim of 9/11 because my brother died on the 105th floor of WTC tower one. I am FREAKING PISSED OFF at GW Bush. These poor-assed bastards who talk shit about Kerry, while Bush was a freaking coward and inept fool while my brother was jumping from the tower. It is pathetic that he is even asking for another chance. There was a memo which he ignored, he didn’t read it and his recollection, along with the loser Condi Rice, called it a HISTORICAL DOCUMENT. They also played stoopid, or were negligent when they said that they didn’t know about a plot to fly planes into buildings…. UTTER NONSENSE… And STEVIE wants to support that LAME-ASS BUSH and his corrupt administration. I don’t support terrorists, but I am sick of the PROPAGANDA AND LIES put out by Bush and company. There is a pattern of lies and deceptions coming from the Bush administration. AND IT STINKS TO HIGH SHIT!!!

I don’t hate America… I hate GW BUSHES America. An America which lowers the collective intelligence, and the love and hope of a nation. Bush was not a UNITER, HE WAS A DIVIDER. We read his lips, and he, like his daddy lied to the public. And he must think he has BALLS to try to run again. HE IS GOING DOWN LIKE A CLOWN NOV 2!!!

Stevie, you are a lame excuse for a human being, and I pity your soul.

Thank you,
Michael Uman


Just found out the whole story on the Osamma tape wasent told right away. Seem your buddy Osamma says that whichever states that Bush wins will be attacked. Now tell me Osamma isnt on your side…

Hahaha! I saw this on Centerfield today. Too bad my co-blogger actually speaks Arabic. He had some trouble finding that in the Arabic transcript. How gullible are these people!?!



I think Kerry will do a better job hunting down and killing Al Queda and any terrorist enemy because he is willing to listen and change his mind. Bush is a lame-brain because he actually thinks that by being obstinant, he is being STRONG. His arrogance is not funny, it is pathetic and scary. I want to make sure 9/11 will never, ever happen again. I don’t think Bush is capable of protecting us.


And where were Steve C’s biblical references? Some people say that they read in the bible that no one will ever be able to challenge Yosef as thycwoti.

Katieweb – Osamma’s busy this weekend, but he’s coming over to my place tonight for a pro-kerry election party. He wanted me to invite you. We’ll have the drinks provided. If you could just bring some chips, that’d be great.


Jim Quote:

Come back here tomorrow night Steve C, we’re going to have some real choice things to say to you.

…..Here I am…. Whatchya got to say????


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