Music to our ears

Old Fashioned Patriot’s George has this delightful little nugget:

“French officials say 20 percent of the $3 billion of “French contracts” flagged in the Duelfer report in fact went to French subsidiaries of U.S. firms, notably General Electric ($445 million) and Halliburton ($127 million).”

In other words, France to Cheney: “Va te faire enculer!”

Talk dirty to us, George!

Unrelated — Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to Karl Rove: “You’re Bush’s Brain, Karl? I was expecting a much smaller man!” (14MB clip)


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He’s Bush’s brain and half his ego. That’s what makes him so big.


Babel fish translations are so weird. “Va te faire enculer” gets “Will make you fuck up the ass”. What the hell does that mean?


But everybody knows that you can’t believe the French, especially when they have the facts on their side. If we recognize that the French aren’t evil, the terrorists win.


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