Isn’t the timeline slightly problematic?

We’re just wonderin’!

101st Airborne veteran Ken Shapiro Dixon, making the rounds of various radio shows this week:

“When we walked into the bunkers that apparently nobody [else] went into, there is no way there were 380 tons of explosives in those bunkers,” […] When the 101st arrived on April 10, 2003, the Al-Qaqaa bunkers were “wide open,” he told Gill, as if somebody had already been there and broken the seals placed on the high explosives by the U.N.

According to the DOD:

Dixon, of Hinesville, Ga., was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled over March 28 during a night mission about 20 kilometers from Baghdad. At the time, his wife, Allesais, was an Army sergeant stationed in Pakistan.

“My vehicle rolled over into a ravine, upside down,” he said. “There were about six soldiers with me in the back. It was dark, visibility wasn’t that good.”

Dixon said he suffered a broken spinal cord in the accident.

Dixon suffered a broken spinal cord but kept serving with his unit so that he was at the Al-Qaqaa training camp 2 weeks later? At which point did his injury confine him to a wheelchair?

His spine snapped, resulting in a spinal cord injury and paraplegia. He underwent rehabilitation at the Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., and later the Richmond, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia VA Medical Centers.

Are we missing something? There may well be two Ken Dixons.


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ok, good point, but who is Ken Shapiro?


The relevant point is were the 2 Ken Dixons both in the 101st Airborne serving in Iraq?


I think it’s spelled “Dick-son”.


So Fox News is going to apologize to the public for airing these obvious lies without checking them out properly first? I know that’s their policy because I’ve heard them shrieking about ABC until my ears bleed.
I wonder why Fox forgot that they reported last year that “thousands of boxes of white powder” had been found there on 4 April 03 (a week before Dixon claims he was there). Sure, Fox reported them as chemical weapons but later they admitted that they were explosives. There were also several underground storage facilities filled with liquids and powders. Since Dixon’s statements (if they weren’t completely delusional) would show that the site was emptied after US forces captured it, you’d think Fox would want to discredit him. One good way to do that might have been to ask him how he and just “two other guys” managed to personally search all 1,100 buildings at the site.


Weird. Somehow that DOD link doesn’t work anymore. How odd.


Sadly, you just don’t get it. He took the same pledge they took at the rally in Port St. Lucie. Being a True Believer in the Cult of Our Appointed W is such a powerful thing that this man could overcome the limits of modern medical care and rehabilitate himself in much less than two weeks. Unlike many who suffer spinal cord injury, he was able to return to active duty.

And you’re proud of being in the reality-based community?!


Two different people. The guy with the horrific spine injury is Sgt. Kenneth Dixon, the freeper nutjob is Pfc. Ken Dixon. He is identified as Pfc on this Newsmax story:


Was I able to google another Ken Dixon? Happily, yes! Check out the director of this fine film:

Charles Roberts

Little FYI Yes there are two Dixons and I personally know Sgt Kenneth Dixon and yes on March 28 2003 he was injured and never searched any area of Baghdad, he is not claiming to have searched anything after his injury. To sit here without discontent and accuse a man who gave up his ability to walk to help preserve your freedom to write about him, although may be your constitutional right you still need to have your asses kicked! Oh, and unlike the many of you who are willing to post comments…… I have opened up a email address just for the responses you dont have the balls to send me! just title the email Sgt Dixon!


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