Where did you come up with that one, Pete?

Pete “Of The” Du Pont, on Opinion Journal:

Mr. Kerry is against free trade because he believes America must “establish core labor rights around the world.” He would repeal Nafta and other trade agreements[.]

From the John Kerry web site (which, unlike other presidential candidates’ sites, is accessible to international visitors:)

I strongly believe that America must engage in the global economy, and I voted for trade opening from Nafta to the WTO. (link)

The United States and Mexico made commitments with the signing of NAFTA. Both countries must abide by those commitments. (link)

From The Miami Herald:

His 19 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee have given him experience in national security and foreign affairs, including Latin America, where a frayed relationship needs attention. He supports NAFTA and FTAA and considers Miami the region’s key financial center.

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer‘s 20 Questions with John Kerry & George Bush:

“President Clinton was trying to move us in the right direction on job creation and on including labor and environmental standards in trade agreements. I supported him and I made the right decision. We created jobs and opened markets, but since then we have learned that we need to go even further on labor and environment standards. John Edwards and I will fight so strong and enforceable labor and environmental standards are included in the core of future trade agreements, like they were in the Jordan Free Trade Agreement.” –John Kerry

So Pete, what, exactly, is the source for your claim?


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Source? Is that French? Or is it something that Sourceror’s do?

I knew it! Them Satanic Lie-berals is pracktisin BLACK MAGIC!


It came from his fillings. And Alan Keyes. You judge which is more reliable.


They’re in the desperation zone now. A year ago, they couldn’t imagine that they would lose. Now they’re a few days away from losing and they know it. They’ll throw any smack they think they can get away with, and it doesn’t matter if it is true or not or even, now, if it supportable. It’s all good if it can win one vote for them. I’ll bet you hear the same anti-Kerry pundit make contradictory claims against Kerry in the next few days, just hoping people will hear what they want to hear and it will grab a vote or two.


Knowing how “I found a cabbie who thinks the exact smae things that I do” stories are nothing but crap, Pete instead decides to go straight to the source of crap. Thus, Pete interviewed his sphincter just before plunging his head into his colon. How’s that for a pretty picture.


OT, but check out this rap song (marbles in they moufs, but the message gets thru)

Catastrophic Success


When you find out what part of his ass that came from, please don’t post a photo. The Katherine Harris picture was enough for me today…


Sources? We don’t need no stinkin sources.


What is it with guys named Pete??


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