Ah, the old selective excerpt trick!

It’s not InstaPundit, it’s InstaAmber:

HOW TO CAMPAIGN IN WISCONSIN — EXPLOIT SCHOOLKIDS? […] This morning I heard a story on Wisconsin Public Radio about how schoolkids in Milwaukee have been assigned get-out-the-vote work. (The story isn’t up on the WPR website yet, but it will at some point be here.) The Milwaukee State Journal is also covering the story. […] I firmly believe that once the state compels young people to attend school, deprives them of their freedom, it owes the highest duty to them to use their time only in ways that benefit them. To see them as a source of free labor or to exploit them for any purpose that is not itself a good reason for depriving the young of their freedom is a great wrong. [Emphasis added.]

Boy that libertarian shtick never gets young, does it? Is it some sort of InstaPundit requirement that Republican voters post some libertarian dribble to give the illusion of independence? (The expert on the “faux liberal / real conservative” act is alicublog.)

In any case, we’d add that the Milwaukee State Journal article continues thusly:

Marx vehemently denies that the project is designed to encourage more Democrats than Republicans to vote. He notes that the children do not wear any partisan buttons or clothing. Nor do they use partisan rhetoric or encourage people to vote one way or another. Participation is voluntary and parents are required to give their approval.

Republicans are outraged because a get out the vote drive is targeting areas with low voter turnout. Have Democrats no shame? No shame at all?


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I think that participation in our democracy is a good thing.

Oh, now I realize why the Republicans are against it.


“Boy that libertarian shtick never gets young, does it?”

Amen to that.


Reminiscent of our last great national education scandal, the Jersey teacher who was fired for displaying a picture of The President, except when you read the whole story it wasn’t about the picture and she wasn’t fired. Aside from that it was pretty controversial, all right.

By the way, someone might explain to Professor Althouse that “requires manditory” is not a redundancy ipso facto. Kerry’s proposal presumably would require school districts to mandate student service. The construction lacks elegance, true; it’s in legislative-ese. But if Althouse wants to make grammar a campaign issue I say let’s roll.


My favorite example of Reynolds’s fake libertarianism was his attempt to claim that Bush and Kerry have the same position on gay rights (http://lefarkins.blogspot.com/2004/09/hack-central.html)…


Insty thinks they should be volunteering to kill Iraqis, after they pledge allegiance to the one true God, Milton Friedman, and his only begotten son, Ayn Rand.

Either that, or they should be pickin’ cotton to earn their keep.


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